The night begins to shine mini arc of Teen Titans Go! provides fans with the most exciting iteration of the DC Comics team yet.

Teen Titans Go! It has gained massive popularity since its debut in 2013, attracting both younger and older audiences with an original take on the popular DC Comics superhero team. Through a more laid-back lens, these Titans have received mixed reviews, but also a large fanbase who love the antics of these absurd heroes.

Frequent viewers of the series are familiar with Cyborg’s favorite song, The night begins to shine by the band BER The song first appears in the opening of season 2 episode 10, “Slumber Party,” which sees the Titans go through their individual bedtime routines as Cyborg lip-syncs to the song. . Since that episode, the song has made several appearances on Teen Titans Go!, most notably during an epic mini-arc that completely transforms the titular heroes.

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The night begins to shine made his second comeback in the popular season 3 episode 40%, 40%, 20%, where the central plot of the exit is the same song that is now engraved in Cyborg’s mind. In fact, it’s here that fans learn that Victor’s strength doesn’t come from his advanced alien robotics, but from the power of his all-time favorite song.

However, the song has its biggest impact when it transforms the series into the four-part miniseries special. The day the night stopped shining and darkened even though it was daytime. Combining a unique animation style and the hilarious comedy that always follows the Titans, the miniseries reproduces Western narrative cliches in a thrilling adventure. This time, when Cyborg sings the lyrics to the title track, the five Titans are transported to a cyber-neo-punk world where they are redesigned in a radically new post-apocalyptic way. Trapped in an alternate reality to the beloved song, Cyborg is hunted by an Evil Dragon who wants to steal the song for his own evil plans.

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When the Evil Dragon returns Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire through a portal, the Titans believe their only way to return to help rescue their best friend Cyborg is by convincing famous musicians to recreate the magic of The night begins to shine. Naturally, the Titans go on celebrity hunts and interact with famous people like CeeLo Green and Fallout Boy, but unfortunately, in classic Titans fashion, none of them join the heroes on their mission.

Meanwhile, the central plot follows Cyborg’s epic search in the world for his favorite song, reflecting a mix of Tron, Mad Max and a Daft punk music video. The third episode of the special raises the stakes when the Titans in Jump City rally the band behind the powerful song and ask BER to play the song to open the portal to The night begins to shine dimension. However, the band is afraid to commit to the request due to “the prophecy”, which leads them to create a new song. Mine forever, which successfully sends them to the alternate dimension. When they arrive, they are ambushed by the Evil Dragon and his cybernetic warriors and are captured. They end up in a green bubble where they meet Cyborg, who gives the musicians an encouraging speech about the power of music that is capable of summoning CeeLo Green and Fallout Boy.

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The dystopian adventure intensifies at the climax of the fourth installment when cyber warriors, a giant cyber centipede and BER attack the dragon, only for Cyborg, the hero of the story, to land the final blow and fulfill the prophecy by killing the beast. . And as if that wasn’t enough, the episode ends with the entire cast singing The night begins to shine.

Fans of this punk iteration of Teen Titans will be delighted to hear that a new standalone model The night begins to shine The story has been officially announced. The new series awaits an official release date, but promises to bring Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Robin back to the world of BER catchy. The night begins to shine.

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