Kieron Gillen Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain’s Once & Future comic is easily the best adaptation of King Arthur today.

The best modern King Arthur the adaptation is a comic, Once and futureby Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain. Camelot’s legends and myths have lasting appeal and frankly, it’s no wonder controversial director Zack Snyder, always fascinated by mythological archetypes, is particularly keen on creating a new King Arthur adaptation.

There is little solid information on this project to date, and Snyder settled for a single ambiguous comment. “I’m working on something but we’ll see“He observed in an interview.”I’ve been thinking of some kind of count, like, [a] a kind of faithful account of that Arthurian mythological concept. We’ll see. Maybe that will come at some point.“This has led to an intense debate about what a faithful retelling of the Camelot legends would look like, but of course it’s not really possible at all. The Camelot stories are varied and contradictory, modified countless times in the different versions. , and there’s no way to really be “faithful“to them.

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Since that’s the case, the best modern adaptation of King Arthur is actually the comic book series. Once and future by Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain. Where most Arthurian legends are set in the past, exploring the myths themselves, this story is set in the present and explores the power of the stories themselves. In the creative world woven by Gillen and Mora, stories have a power of their own, one that can be brought to life by faith. But today Britain has lost all real sense of its own national identity, with countless competing “stories” existing at once. Consequently, the version of King Arthur that comes to life is a twisted and distorted nightmare, a being who barely understands who he is and who is open to manipulation by others.

King Arthur in Once and Future

The core concept is fascinating, with Once and future confront readers with all the different versions of the Arthurian myth at stake. The book even plays into its modern political context, with current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson playing a background role as one of the antagonists; It is a fun concept, given that he has contributed significantly to Britain’s current confusion over his own identity, imagining himself as a historian who has written a strangely confusing account of the life of his hero Winston Churchill.

Zack Snyder would certainly not consider this true to the theme, but ironically, it is completely true to the genre itself, to the fluid and ephemeral nature of mythology, and to the fact that each generation must learn to retell their own stories. nationals for himself. Once and future It is easily one of the most fascinating Arthurian adaptations in quite some time, simply because it has a surprising degree of relevance.

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