The future looks bright for DC’s new Flash Jess Chambers, who is exiting Future State and joining the Flash family in Infinite Frontier.

The new Flash of the DC Universe, Fast kid, is here to stay as they officially join the main DC continuity. Jess Chambers’ introduction has been one of the most exciting parts of Future state, as they are the first major non-binary hero of the Justice League. As the Justice League’s resident sprinter of the future, they have featured prominently in Future State: Justice League. Jess has proven herself worthy of the Flash’s mantle through her heroic deeds. Recently, they saved the entire league by sharing their speed to jump through the multiverse.

DC Comics has announced that Jess Chamber’s Flash, which premiered in Very happy DC multiverse, will come back later Future state ends. They will join the Flash family’s roster of speedsters as they are introduced to DC’s main timeline. DC’s two-month-long line-up event wasn’t just about showcasing potential future outcomes, but also introducing new faces to add to the publisher’s list of comics. According to DC Comics, Future state It was intended as a prelude to the comics planned for this year. And even if the stories don’t progress exactly as far as Future state does, it serves as an introduction to the new DC characters.

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Between Future state The stars taking center stage in the main DC continuity is Jess Chambers, who will meet Barry Allen and his family of sprinters. Hailing from Earth-11, they are not the first member of the Flash family with origins outside of Earth-Prime. It’s great to see the new Flash join DC’s current pantheon of heroes, not just because they’re such a powerful hero, but because of how important they are. Being the first non-binary, gender-fluid sprinter is an incredibly important title, so it’s good to see Jess join the main Flash character lineup. Jess will take on the role of Kid Quick in The flash, but with the destiny of one day becoming the Flash.

Although Jess’s future is bright, an important mystery remains about the character. What Future State: Justice League # 1 jokingly, they came to Earth-0 to warn the Justice League of a conspiracy. The mystery of why they came is unknown, and perhaps, their appearance in the Infinite border relaunch of The flash will reveal the answer. However, it is unclear how Jess will be incorporated into the present day as the events of Future State: Justice League are set in the distant future. One viable option is for Jess to be able to time travel to the present. But another option could be that your origin could get a complete makeover, which is not as far fetched as Infinite border it’s a relaunch after all.

Continuing the story of the new Flash after Future state, will allow readers to get to know the new fan favorite better. This includes seeing what motivates them, the extent of their power set, and how they stack up against the other Flash in the main timeline. In the next editions of The flash, Jess will take their rightful place as a central character in the new era of DC as they relaunch reality with Infinite Border # 0 March 2. If they will cease to be Fast kid to assume the mantle of Flash remains unknown, but with the timelines changing, perhaps the new DC Flash You could take on that role at an earlier time.

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