Batman: Black & White reveals the best crime-fighting partner the next DC Batman could ask for in the world of DC Future State.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “The Cavalry” from Batman: Black & White # 3 by John Ridley, Oliver Coipel & Deron Bennett, on sale now.

Even if the Dark Knight may feel like he’s waging a singular war on crime, Batman has always had allies fighting alongside him in some way. This ranges from the behind-the-scenes backup of characters like Alfred and Lucius Fox, to all the heroes who have fought alongside Batman over the years, including the various people who have taken on the role of Robin.

This is an unspoken tradition that even continues with different people behind the Batman mask. Jace Fox’s Future State Batman has an unexpected sidekick in his younger sister Tiffany, who dons her own mask on Batman: black and white # 3 and effectively serves as your partner.

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Next Batman Tiffany Fox

The era of the future state of the DC Universe has been defined in part by the various new heroes who have taken up the mantle of now vacant legacies like Batman. With the original Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne largely believed dead by Gotham City, Jace Fox has taken up his own job as the Dark Knight, fighting to protect a Gotham City that largely wants him dead thanks to the anti-vigilante laws of the city. Magistrate and his forces.

However, it turns out that Jace doesn’t have to fight alone. “Calvary” focuses largely on the new Batman’s confrontation with the Igloo Bois, a group of former penguin henchmen who have become independent arms dealers since the magistrate “eliminated” their former boss. While trying to save a kidnapped officer from them, Batman is captured and beaten by racist criminals.

But he gets a chance to escape when Tiffany arrives on the scene in her own costume. Wearing a mask and wielding Batarangs, a staff, and a cane, Tiffany essentially operates as Jace’s Robin in all but name. The two take refuge together from a barrage of gunfire and quickly come up with a new plan, moving in sync like a well-oiled machine. Tiffany proves to be more than capable of defending herself, fighting off most of the gang on her own as Batman takes down their leader, who is by far the most dangerous threat. In a matter of minutes, the duo have shot down all 16 criminals and are able to evacuate before the police arrive.

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NEXT Batman Black and White

Jace and Tiffany’s close association is an exciting development for Future State Batman that could have an impact on Jace’s upcoming adventures in Infinite Frontier.

Tiffany gives him at least one dedicated ally, which he desperately needs in the era of Gotham City’s future state. Clearly, the pair work well together, with Tiffany quickly proving to be an even more capable fighter potentially than many of the Robins did in their prime. Jace and Tiffany’s experience together and the family bond means that they can work together with relative ease. Jace’s biggest concern is that if something happened to both of them, what would happen to his family? But Tiffany argues that they just have to live up to the fates they ended up with, and that for them, that means fighting to protect Gotham, despite what their parents would say.

Tiffany is the perfect partner for Jace’s Batman, and the pair quickly prove themselves worthy of the position Batman and Robin once held in Gotham City.

Interestingly, its dynamic is quite similar to that of another potential pair of defenders of a future Gotham City: Terry McGinnes, also known as Batman of the Batman Beyond timeline. After taking up the mantle of Batman, he finally joined his war on crime with his younger brother Matt as his partner. This isn’t even the first version of Tiffany Fox to become a masked hero, with the “Futures End” Tiffany being a member of the League of Batgirls and playing a major role in the Telltale Games. bat Man Serie.

While Tiffany is clearly do not Called Robin in the story, it is clear that she fills a similar role as Jace’s partner, and her presence proves that there is still a place for a truly dynamic duo on the streets of Gotham, even in DC Future State.

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