In the Future State story of Black Adam, it’s clear that the next big baddie is the future, and only time will tell if the universe can be saved.

In the backup story for Future State: Suicide Squad # 2, Black adam it is the omniverse’s last hope, as the future of the DC universe becomes its greatest threat. The problem starts right where the last one ended, with Gold Beetle claiming that he can save the universe. As cruelty draws near, the former league members wake up to attack Black Adam and his team. With the Gold Beetle’s time bubble shrinking, they are forced to escape, leading to hell.

Received by the Phantom Stranger, in which they are told that cruelty even destroyed hell. Phantom Stranger knows they could be the universe’s last chance, so he takes them to the last place impervious to attack, the Tower of Destiny. Upon entering the Tower of Destiny, Black Adam greets an old friend, the wizard Shazam. Soon after, the tower is broken when cruelty opens the protective door. Just before the entry of cruelty, Gold Beetle is erased from existence as his timeline is consumed. The end of all things draws near when the last heroes are defeated. With just a little time left, the problem reveals that the past may be the only savior of the universe.

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At Black adam history of Future State: Suicide Squad # 2 by Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin, Black Adam is desperate to defeat the Cruels and sacrifices himself to give the universe one last chance. As the wizard murmurs his last words, he forces the now accepted champion to say his name. With the last power of the wizard Shazam, Black Adam launches through space and time, disrupting the very fabric of the universe before landing on the Rock of Eternity. It is here, in 2021, where the last hope of the universe is found.

The end of the issue takes readers to the beginning of the next DC event, Infinite border wwhich will act as a relaunch of the entire line for the publisher’s comics. With the issue ending openly, what happens next is fans speculating. However, it seems clear with the inclusion of Black Adam in Infinite borderThe Justice League means that Future statevillain, cruelty will return. Which means that the end of the universe is dated, as the future and time itself become enemies. Black Adam will enlist the help of the current Justice League to aid him in the fight to save the universe.

From the past, it seems that DC’s greatest heroes will be alerted to future events, which means they have another chance to stop the impending threat. Black Adam, with the knowledge he possesses, can stop the Four Horsemen before they are freed by the Teen Titans. This will be explored in March Teen Titans Academyand, as it mocks in Future State: Teen Titans # 2. Therefore, in the past, Black Adam possibly tries to change what has failed in Future state. The final page seems to confirm the suspicions that Infinite border is a direct follow-up to Future State. But as DC has emphasized, the futures seen were only potential futures. So it’s safe to assume that Black Adam’s goal is to reshape the course of history to change the timeline. By last, Black adam The greatest gift of all is given, overtime. So, with the help of the heroes of the present, after you escape from your prison in hell, you will work to eradicate cruelty before they arrive. Only time will tell if he succeeds, but it is clear that the next main villain in the DC universe is time itself.

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