The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin was one of the company’s most profitable and successful branches in The office. Some would say it’s solely due to Michael Scott and the family atmosphere he created there. The day-to-day problems the Scranton branch struggled with were unlike any other branch, but somehow they managed.

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Some of the mistakes that were made were liable to termination violations, but the good work of the employees outweighed their bad decisions. Without Scranton’s hard work, the Dunder Mifflin would have gone under years earlier. However, even the toughest workers like Angela and Oscar had their bad times at work. But as quickly as they failed, they rose from the ashes with a vengeance.

10 Michael: Saved the company from downsizing / ditching Oscar

Better: Michael prevented the Scranton branch from closing multiple times. He did his best at the shareholders’ meeting in season 6, but he also earned a great account on “The Client.” Thanks to Michael’s personable demeanor, Dunder Mifflin became the new provider for a nearby county.

Worse: Michael has done a lot of horrible things in the office, but none were more hurtful and moving than when he left Oscar. Oscar’s sexuality should never have been the topic of conversation at work and it marked him deeply.

9 Pam: Saved the Creed branch / Become a salesperson

Better: When Creed became interim regional manager, the entire branch was concerned about his future. Creed didn’t even know what he it was supposed to do on a daily basis, so how was it going to run a full branch? When Creed asked Pam to put his biggest customer online, Pam knew he would ruin the company, so he pretended to be said company to save the branch.

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Worse: Pam has done little things that got blown up in her face over the years, but one of the worst decisions for her career was becoming a salesperson. She was terrible at sales and continually at the bottom of the totem pole. It was great that he took a chance on something, but sales were not the move of his career.

8 Dwight: Won the White Pages / Caused Stanley’s Heart Attack

Better: In “The Whale,” the women in the office trained Dwight to sell Dunder Mifflin to the new CEO of Scranton White Pages. Little did he know, the new CEO was Jan. Dwight had to think about how to resell Dunder Mifflin to a despised former employee, and it worked. With the help of Pam and Clark, Dwight made the sale.

Worse: Dwight has made countless office oversights. The sad thing is, he thought they were good ideas at the time. He fired a pistol in the office, caught Meredith with a bat, and put the entire office in a panic by creating a fake fire. Stanely was so worried she had a heart attack!

7 Jim: Taking work in Stamford / He took a week off

Stamford Connecticut Drinking Game - The Office

Better: The smartest thing Jim did for his career was to take a chance and move to Stamford. It was given a fresh start and a promotion with a new title. He was finally able to get over Pam and focus on work instead of pulling a prank on Dwight.

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Worse: Besides playing a prank on Dwight every day, one of the worst things Jim did was lie to his co-workers about his jury duty. After taking a week off work, Jim showed up at the office and made an elaborate lie about the case he was a part of. Actually, he spent a whole week at home.

6 Angela: Keeping Kevin out of the numbers / Having a love affair in the workplace

Better: As chief accountant, the smartest thing Angela did for the company was to keep serious matters out of Kevin’s grasp. Based on Kevin’s performance, it’s pretty clear that he has no place in the accounting department. By taking on most of the workload herself, Angela saved the company, although she was not rewarded.

Worse: Having an affair with two men from the office, Angela destroyed Dunder Mifflin. He made his private life everyone’s business and caused a rift between Dwight and Andy.

5 Andy: convinced David Wallace to buy the company / got Dwight fired

the office

Better: Andy wasn’t the best salesman, but he was powerful in his own way. It was thanks to him that David Wallace bought Saber’s Dunder Mifflin and focused on the role again. After the debacle with cheap Saber printers, parting ways with Saber was a smart move.

Worse: It was thanks to Andy’s curiosity that Michael assumed that Dwight was after his wife and his work. Michael felt he had no choice but to fire Dwight because of what Andy told him. When the truth came out, Dwight was saving the company, not ruining Michael’s career.

4 Creed: Your New Years Resolution / The Watermark

Creed Bratton (The Office)

Better: Creed didn’t do a lot of beneficial things in Dunder Mifflin. He did not know his role and it is assumed that Creed Bratton was not even his true identity. But if there’s one bright little Creed moment at the office, it’s successfully completing his office’s New Years resolution to do a cartwheel.

Worse: One of the worst things Creed did in the office was fail to fulfill his quality control duties. By ignoring his meeting with distributors, an obscene watermark was added to thousands of sheets of paper. It could have lost Dunder Mifflin a lot of business.

3 Kevin: Facing the Five Families / Keleven

Oscar describing keleven - the office

Better: Kevin wasn’t very good at his job, but he did celebrate small victories during his time at the Scranton branch. In “Chair Model”, he was able to reclaim the Dunder Mifflin parking spaces from the construction workers who were working in the business park. Upon having the meeting, Phyllis and company. He no longer had to walk miles in the heat.

Worse: As sweet as Kevin is, he was not good at his job. In the ninth season, it was revealed that he was fired. Oscar told his assistant that the accountants discovered that Kevin made up a number (Keleven) that would magically make his math make sense …

two Oscar: helped Michael with his finances / had an affair with Angela’s husband

Better: Oscar was a hard worker and one of the smartest in the office, but one of the best things he could have done was help Michael with his own finances. He explained to Michael what a surplus was and showed him the benefits of filing for bankruptcy.

Worse: There weren’t many times Oscar misbehaved, but one of the worst things he did was kiss Angela’s husband while he was in the office. The senator showed up to the Halloween party and the two left. That’s when Kevin and the camera crew caught them on the spot.

1 Ryan: Dunder Mifflin Infinity / Committing fraud

Ryan howard arrested - the office

Better: When Ryan was promoted to a corporate role, he was in charge of creating the new and improved Dunder Mifflin website: Dunder Mifflin Infinity. It was created to make Dunder Mifflin ordering easier for customers. The idea was sharp and brilliant for the time; it just didn’t work.

Worse: Speaking of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, although the idea was Ryan’s greatest, it was also his downfall. When his numbers did not reach the level he expected, he falsified sales, misleading shareholders. Ryan was later arrested for fraud and his website did not reappear.

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