In a very recent interview that Zack and Debroah Snyder gave to Vanity Fair, many unknown details were revealed that the public never knew about the production of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The interview even revealed how deeply personal the Snyder Cut was to the Snyders, and even shed some light on the aggressive intrusion of the WB executives into Snyder’s sets. Amid those confessions and personal comments from the Snyders, Zack also said a few things about his vision of the DCEU, which makes his vision more allegorical to the DC fandom and demonstrates his mantle as a creative filmmaker. One of those details included a subplot that Zack wanted to include in his original plan to League of Justice. And that was a love story between Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne.

No, it is not a typo. There was a planned relationship arc between Bruce and Lois in League of Justice, which while it sounds ridiculous given the Lois and Clark story, the way Zack explains it, seems logical. More interesting still, the way this notion unravels new details about Ben Affleck’s Batman personality makes him very emotional and personal for fans. The idea was to represent Bruce falling in love with Lois; however, Lois never strays from Clark (which is obvious). But this makes Bruce realize why it is important to him to bring Superman back. Zack snyder He even wrote a monologue for Ben, where he says this to Alfred (Jeremy Irons).

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“I never had a life outside of the cave. I never envisioned a world for myself beyond this. But this woman makes me think that if I can unite this group of gods, then my work is done. I can quit. I can stop.”

This dialog changes everything for Batfleck. The one thing a lot of people and critics never understood is that Ben’s version of Batman is not like the ones we’ve seen before. He is shattered and hopeless. He has lost everything, everyone. During two decades of fighting crime, he sees himself as a failure because nothing has really changed in Gotham. This is the reason why he is impulsive, impatient and even murderous. Now when Bruce falls in love with Lois, he finds hope even though Lois would reject his feelings. Esperanza, in Lois’s love for Clark. There he finds something pure; After years of hatred and loss, he sees that lasting emotions and feelings exist even in tragic death events. This urges him to bring in Superman, because he remains a hope not just for Lois for everyone else. He considers that bringing this team together is a new ray of hope for the world; something to correct his failures, to achieve what he failed at: peace.

Of course, as shown in Knightmare, his plan would have failed. However, it would bring Bruce in a whole new light. It would help him become more human again, as he is no different than the criminals he left behind. This would have been an interesting inclusion in the general narrative of League of Justice. Zack has explored each of his characters at their core on individual levels not only in the DCEU but in his previous films as well. Focusing on the personal journey of the most important comic book character in a whole new way would have led to better development of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne / Batman character.

Unfortunately, that part was scrapped long before Zack left the project, so no footage was filmed in this context of Zack’s vision. League of Justice. And since then, Deborah Snyder has confirmed that not much has been filmed in Snyder cut shots we’d probably never see this part Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In his interview, Zack has revealed that there were many notions that he proposed that never saw the light; however, he is happy to complete the version he finalized for his team of superheroes.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is for now a solo movie in its own right, with no connection to the newly planned DCEU at Warner Bros. However, it will give a nod to Zack’s plans for the shared universe, which fans are dubbing the Snyderverse. It’s a huge mystery if those nods will ever be included in different subplots in future DCEU entries; But, Zack has said before, he doesn’t care at all if it ever happens or not. However, we certainly hope that something good will come out of this epic event. Catch Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max and VoD on March 18 around the world.

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