The Shawshank Redemption is a moving movie experience, but it can also be quite funny at times. Here are the funniest quotes, ranked.

It’s interesting where comedy can come from. Generally, the audience sees that humor predominates primarily in a comedy-oriented film. However, the opposite couldn’t be more true because without the comedy in classic movies like Life imprisonment, considered one of the best movies of all time, What would the public get?

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Despite being an intense look at a prisoner’s search for hope in a horrible prison, Life imprisonment you need your funny quotes and moments to balance the movie. Without that comic element, the movie would be dark and melodramatic and not exciting. Humor and dating are what elevate the experience and make it as adorable as it is. Here are the funniest lines from the movie, ranked.

8 “Andy … you can’t just make up a person!”

Red and andy

The omen in any movie is likely to come in the form of anything from a date to an action, and they can often end up being pretty nice lines. Like when Red tells Andy that he can’t just make up a person.

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Of course, everyone who has seen the classic movie knows that the opposite is true since, in the end, Andy has invented a person. At first glance, the line seems far-fetched. However, with the added benefit of hindsight, the line shines.

7 “Sir, it’s a miracle! A man got up and disappeared like a fart in the wind!”

Andy Dufrense Tunnel

At the end of the story, Andy takes a break and leaves everyone wondering how he did it, including the Guardian.

Faced with the possibility that Andy has escaped, he launches into Andy’s tirade by disappearing “like a fart in the wind!” Coupled with the fantastic performance of Bob Gunton and the timing of the date, it turns into a humorous date in a stressful situation that even the audience feels.

6 “Chess. Now there is a game of kings. Civilized, strategic … And a total mystery. I hate it!”

Andy and Red playing a game

One of the best aspects of Life imprisonment It was the relationship between Red and Andy. Throughout the film, the audience watched as the two grew closer and formed a close bond.

Throughout the film, the two are seen playing chess frequently and at one point Andy comments on how much he loves the game … which of course makes Red exclaim how much he hates it. It’s the kind of budding friendship that many can relate to on a humorous level.

5 “The man likes to play chess; we are going to bring him some stones.”

Red and the gang

As with all friends, there is always another side. While the two friends may always seem to be arguing or getting on edge, at the end of the day, they are still friends. Something that is exacerbated when Andy is nearly beaten to death.

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With his friend injured and in pain, Red suggests to his other friends that they give Andy something, saying that he likes chess. Of course, it wouldn’t be a friendship without a bit of humor, and Red suggested they get Andy some rocks.

4 “What’s your malfunction, you fat barrel of monkey shit?”

Captain Hadley confronts Andy

“Fat barrel of monkey shit” is probably one of the most creative insults thrown by Captain Hadley, the brutal Shawshank guard.

Aimed at the prisoners, the insult hits the mark and it just works and is made even more fun with the delivery of the great Clancy Brown.

3 “My God, Warden! How could you be so obtuse!”

Andy calls the Guardian obtuse

Probably the best quotes are the ones that are often parodied or made fun of. Whether it’s because of how good the date is or just how easy it is to make fun of, quotes always attract attention and are acclaimed, just like the obtuse date.

Though there’s not much to see on the surface, calling someone obtuse never seemed such a big insult, even after Warden took it so seriously.

two “Stupid? Dumas. You know what this is about? You’ll like it, it’s about a prison break. We should also file that in education, right?”

Trying to read the Count of Monte Cristo

Due to the prison conditions in the film, inmates don’t have much of a chance to find new books. So when Andy manages to convince the warden to renew and contribute to the library, he offers great moments of joy.

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Watching the prisoners joke about the “Count of Monte Cristo,” a book about a prisoner planning an escape from the prisoners’ own perspective allows for a great moment of comedy. That and the mispronunciation of Dumas’s name sells the quote.

1 “To this day I have no idea what those two Italian ladies were singing about. I really don’t want to know.”

Shawshank speaker playing opera

When they come from Red, the quotes are always memorable. Not only because Red is such a fantastic character, but also because he’s one of Morgan Freeman’s best roles.

When Andy plays an operatic tune on the speaker for all to hear, Red’s comments cement perhaps the most iconic scene in the entire film.

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