In season 15 of The Simpsons, Homer donned a superhero alter ego before the superhero craze of the MCU and Dark Knight trilogy.

The Simpsons has been able to effectively parody numerous genres over the years, drawing genuine drama and constant laughs from many popular types of stories. However, one of the show’s most dedicated superhero parodies might have been too early, missing most of the shift to the superhero fandom in the last decade.

Season 15, Episode 19, “Simple Simpson” saw Lisa humiliated at a local county fair by Rich Texan for her participation in a placement competition. Enraged but well aware that one more blow against the law could land him in jail, Homer dons a makeshift disguise, using a cake tin as a mask, to disguise his identity and become the man with the cake. By throwing a cake in the rich Texan’s face, Homer manages to get some revenge for the insults leveled at his daughter.

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Realizing that he enjoys helping people in this way, Homer creates a complete costume for himself in a scene that parodies the first time. Spiderman film. Then he goes through Springfield, hitting people who look down on others.

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Pie Man becomes something of a city hero, all while earning the ire of Police Chief Clancy Wiggum and Mayor Quimby. Authorities even run a sting operation, luring Pie Man out in the open by turning a Children’s Hospital into a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Pie Man barely escapes alive and promises Lisa that he will step down from his role.

However, witnessing Mr. Burns’ behavior, Homer dons the disguise once more. Unfortunately, he is captured by Burns and forced to become his personal agent, and Burns sends Homer across town to tarnish the people he doesn’t like. All of this is in addition to a visit from the Dalai Lama, with Burns demanding that Homer humiliate the global icon in front of the entire city and, more importantly, Lisa.

Homer refuses to tarnish the Dalai Lama and reveals his identity to the public to get out of Burns’ control. The city quickly decides that Homer cannot be Pie Man, as his own stories about the superhero far outweigh any action Homer could take in the real world, turning the idea of ​​Pie Man into something of a legend.

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The episode ends with Homer climbing onto the roof of the Simpsons’ house in his full suit, vowing to protect Springfield again if injustice returns to town. In particular, he is joined by Bart, who has created his own superhero sidekick identity as the Cupcake Kid.

Although Pie Man has not reappeared in The Simpsons’ show – outside of some hilarious cameos – Homer’s alternate identity became a recurring figure in Bongo Comics Presents: Simpsons Super Spectacular, which mainly focused on superhero stories within The Simpsons universe. Pie Man appeared in many of these stories, at one point even winning his own version of the International Club of Heroes, similar to Batman and Robin. Pie Man is a fun concept that possibly came too early, first appearing in 2004 as part of season 15, just before Christopher Nolan. dark Knight The trilogy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe greatly reshaped the modern movie landscape for heroes.

If Pie Man had been featured later in the show’s run, when superheroes became a more dominant force in pop culture, then it is possible there would have been more animated adventures of the cake-throwing hero, rather than the more lighthearted. . and singular parodies of the genre that have been produced. The idea of ​​Bart becoming his partner or Lisa working as his conscience might also have been more rewarding. However, it is fun to remember Homer’s brief intervention as Springfield’s first superhero.

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