Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes delivers a sinister ending involving David, Lou, and Adele’s love triangle, which has some haunting repercussions.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Behind Her Eyes, which is now streaming on Netflix.

From Netflix Behind your eyes delivers a twisted ending as viewers discover more about Adele (Eve Hewson) and her ability to astrally project. She has been using it to spy on her husband David and Louise (his secretary) on their adventure, playing a sick game while trying to keep her wealth intact.

However, as the truth begins to unravel about Adele’s past, Lou and David realize they are in more danger than they realized. Everything comes to a head during the sinister conclusion of season 1 that changes all of their lives forever.

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Meeting Marianne

Lou has broken up her affair with David, thinking he is drugging and controlling Adele. However, Lou realized that Adele’s method of overcoming night terrors allows her mind to wander. Lou has also been using it, and after astral projection, he realizes that Adele turned her against David to steal Adele’s file from David’s psychiatrist practice.

Lou leaves London for Brighton to get some answers and meets Marianne, someone with whom Adele had problems in the past. It turns out that Adele thought Marianne was having an affair with David back then and threatened to kill her. Lou returns with the information, confronts David, and informs him about Adele’s powers. David knew she was onto something, but had no idea it was due to astral projection, so he chooses to surrender.

Hearing what happened to Marianne has put it into action, and while next to Rob’s body in the well is his watch, David hopes they might suspect that Rob had an overdose, leading Adele to panic and throw the body. However, he wants Lou to stay away from Adele, admitting that he loves her more.

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The great fire

Adele has been spying on Lou using her abilities, and when she calls, the women argue over who deserves David. But in the fray, when Adele learns that David’s guilt is at work, she decides to kill herself. She writes a suicide note and leaves messages for Lou, confessing that David is innocent so the police won’t blame him. Adele, however, would rather be burned to death like her parents years ago than face jail.

Lou rushes with the house on fire but can’t get inside. In the past, it could do it when Adele was projecting, but now Adele has made sure it will burn without interference. Fortunately, Lou projects her soul, hoping to enter Adele’s body or maybe even wake her up. However, the big twist is that Adele’s soul is already in the air, and when Lou falls into Adele’s body, Adele enters hers. It’s a sinister exchange, with Lou now trapped inside Adele.

Adele then takes heroin, which prevents the soul from escaping, something Adele and Rob discovered when they played with their powers. Now, Adele (in Lou’s body) uses her hidden key, enters the house and injects more heroin into her victim. She then takes the body out of the fire and waits for the police to arrive, feigning sadness over her friend’s death. It’s the whole plan because since she’s in Lou’s body now, Adele can be with David, whether he’s freed or implicated in Rob’s death.

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The secret behind the exchange

However, another bomb is dropped when it is revealed that Adele was never on his body in the first place. When she and Rob traded bodies years before on the property for fun, Rob (in Adele’s body) killed Adele (in Rob’s body). Rob wanted his wealth and was in love with David, so he murdered his best friend and took on the role of Adele to get his perfect lie. This explains why “Adele” dropped the watch to tie David to her and why he has been fine with drugs. David thought he was suffering from PTSD, but it was actually a different person trying to trick him.

Now Rob’s soul is in Lou’s body and he knows that David believes that Lou is his true love. David ends up getting free, and he and Lou get married, but little does he know that he’s back with Rob. He’s happy to get rid of Adele and they go on a long drive after the wedding. But Lou’s son from a previous marriage, Adam, knows something is wrong with her. Rob wants all of Lou’s old acquaintances to be removed so that no one can say the real Lou is gone, and he thinks he can fool Adam because he’s only eight years old.

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However, while Lou jokes about the Caribbean honeymoon on a cruise ship, Adam intervenes and admits that his mother hates ships. David, however, does not know all this, and in a final scene similar to that of Jordan Peele We, Rob looks at the boy with a deranged look. Adam tries to assimilate his mother by telling her that people can change, but it still leaves him terrified of his new family.

Behind Her Eyes Season 1, starring Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman, Simona Brown, Robert Aramayo and Tyler Howitt, is now available on Netflix.

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