Caroline Forbes began her character arc in The vampire diaries as seemingly nothing more than the bad girl from Mystic Falls. She embodied all the worst stereotypes of adolescent girls, and while there were glimpses of something deeper beneath the surface from the start, she wasn’t exactly a natural charmer.

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However, as time passed, Caroline’s character developed further and was forced to evolve, adapt, and mature. And to everyone’s surprise, he actually did it more successfully than almost any other character in TVD. But when did Caroline really show wisdom beyond her years, and when did she really show that she was still a teenager at heart?

10 Typical teenager: when he played the queen bee

At the beginning of The vampire diaries, Caroline was the quintessential popular teenager in all the worst respects. Although Bonnie and Elena seemed to tolerate her, they hardly seemed to like her, and it’s not hard to understand why.

She was a bit obsessed with control, was rude, and seemed to almost completely disregard the feelings of her friends. She really seemed to have to do with the high school drama.

9 She knew beyond her years: when she left Matt

Caroline was always a character who was desperate for everyone else’s approval, and was exceptionally needy when it came to boys’ approval and interest. And even putting that aside, her feelings for Matt were incredibly genuine, and seemingly for the first time in her life, fully reciprocated.

So when Caroline realized he was a danger to Matt due to his new vampire status, it was actually incredibly mature of her to break up with him for her own safety.

8 Typical teenager: when he went after Damon

Caroline obviously paid dearly for this mistake as Damon used and abused her at his own convenience, but Caroline’s initial determination to hook up with Stefan’s super hot older brother was an incredibly childish way of acting.

Caroline was interested in Stefan from the moment he arrived in town, and was openly jealous when Elena caught her eye. She tried to get over Elena by going after Damon, and it wasn’t a good look for her.

7 She knew beyond her years: when she helped Tyler

By the time Tyler Lockwood unleashed his werewolf curse, Caroline was already deeply familiar with what it felt like to be suddenly thrown into the supernatural world and hardly have anyone on her side.

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And despite the fact that werewolves posed such an enormous threat to vampires, Caroline decided to aid Tyler in his transformation. She took a chance and she took a chance so that someone wouldn’t have to go through her transition just like she did.

6 Typical teenager: when she was mean to her mom

In many cases, Caroline displayed flashes of maturity and insight that proved her silly act was just that, an act. But when it came to treating his own mother, his behavior was decidedly immature.

Even when Caroline was dealing with seriously scary adult situations, she seemed to find time to be a brat with her mother, which was a perfect demonstration of the fact that no matter how much she evolved, she was also a teenager.

5 He knew beyond his years: when he saw the good in Klaus

To be fair, Klaus was kind of a nightmare when he first appeared in The vampire diaries, and it’s completely fair that the whole Mystic Falls gang hated it. However, Caroline was the first to begin to see another side of him.

And not only was it prudent on his part to start seeing from someone else’s perspective (admittedly warped), but given the transformation of Klaus’s character over time, he clearly saw something in him worth saving.

4 Typical Teen: When She Flipped Her Prom Gown

Caroline freaking out over the fact that Elena stole her prom dress was funnier than serious, and to be fair, Elena, without humanity, was clearly trying to trick Caroline into really pissing her off.

But the very fact that Caroline was lost to her lost party dress was a reminder that despite everything that had happened to her, Caroline was still a teenager who was extremely involved in stereotypical teenage things.

3 She knew beyond her years: when she let her dad go

Unfortunately, Caroline was unable to hold her ground when her mother died, yet she handled the sudden loss of her father like a champion.

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She tried to convince him to become a vampire, but when he decided not to, she truly accepted the decision and neither did she tear herself or the rest of the world apart from her loss.

two Typical teenager: when constantly competing with Elena

Caroline really explained her inferiority complex when it comes to Elena in the first episode. Caroline is the girl who tries so hard and is still rejected, while Elena doesn’t seem to have to try at all, and everyone chooses her.

But that’s a very young and immature mindset for Caroline, and the fact that she was so worried about getting over one of her best friends was one of the best and most consistent demonstrations of Caroline’s teenage perspective.

1 She knew beyond her years: when she became a vampire

The Vampire Diaries Candice King Caroline Forbes

The vast majority of characters who are or become vampires in The vampire diaries They both seem to hate being vampires and have a lot of trouble adjusting. But Caroline completely broke that standard.

She was thrown to the bottom and everyone around her didn’t even want to throw a life jacket at her, and not only did she survive, but becoming a vampire actually made her an objectively better person.

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