The BBC’s The Watch resurrects an important hero, and this character proceeds to change Captain Vimes for the better as Carcer Dun’s war looms.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The watch, Season 1, Episode 7, “Nowhere in the Multiverse”, now available on BBC.

BBC’s the Clock took a shocking turn from Terry Pratchet Discworld book series when he killed Sergeant Detritus at the premiere. The rock creature was one of the greatest heroes in the original material, but in the live action adaptation, he was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Detritus took the blows to save Vimes after Carcer Dun attempted to kill the captain, begging Vimes with his dying breath to be a good leader and save the city. Now, just when it seemed like Vimes was getting lost in the dark, Detritus returns to save his friend once more.

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However, this does not happen in the Ankh-Morpork fans who have come to know this season. It occurs in the dark version of the city after Carcer and Wonse hatch a plan to trade Vimes with his evil alternate. They have conspired with the evil Watch to change captains, and Dark Vimes is a convicted murderer. As such, Carcer wants to use it to assassinate Lady Ramkin and tarnish the name of the police in the city, all so that they never start a hopeful movement.

At first, everything goes according to plan, as Vimes ends up in prison in the mirror world, working with Urdo of the Thieves Guild to get out. However, after Carrot banishes him to the catacombs, he meets “the beast”. Vimes is ecstatic when he sees Detritus alive and well, but instead of getting a hug, this Detritus hits Vimes because they are not friends in this reality.

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Fortunately, Vimes is able to convince him, aided by the rocks around talking to Detritus. All of the boulders and stones share a connection across the multiverse, and while Carrot and the other policemen think Vimes is a demon, Detritus senses the good in him. They converse and Vimes admits how his Detritus made the great sacrifice.

Unfortunately, Vimes doesn’t think he has honored his friend properly, but Detritus reminds him that he still has time. Detritus helps Vimes sneak out of the compound, confronting Vimes en route to return home. This Detritus can sense how much change Vimes is going to make and begs you to remain pure of heart. And so, with the backing of a dear friend, Vimes decides not to kill his warden, Lady Rankin of this reality. At the same time, the evil Vimes accepts that he is not a murderer and refuses to kill Ramkin for Carcer, marking a massive change for both versions of the character.

The Watch is executive produced by Hilary Salmon (Luther) and Phil Collinson (Doctor Who) of BBC Studios. The series, which will run for eight episodes, is written by Simon Allen (Das Boot). It stars Richard Dormer, Anna Chancellor, Lara Rossi, Ingrid Oliver, James Fleet, Marama Corlett, Sam Adewunmi, Jo Eaton-Kent, Adam Hugill, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Ruth Madeley, Bianca Simone, and Ingrid Oliver. The Watch airs Sundays at 8pm ET / PT on BBC America.

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