Valheim fans will find that many quality of life mechanics are currently missing in the early access version of the game, causing issues when playing.

Valheim It is currently in early access for PC on Steam and has grown in popularity since its launch in early February. While the game has many mechanics that have helped drive its success with players, a few things are missing that affect the quality of a player’s experience during the game. Because Valheim is at such an early stage of playable development, it is likely that many of these issues can be resolved in the future. However, these problems can cause a serious struggle for those trying to enjoy their Valheim save today.

Death is a serious punishment for players who face bosses in Valheim, or boldly explore different biomes as you gain access to better weapons and armor. There is currently no way for a player to keep their inventory when they die. While the loss of inventory is likely to make the survival aspect of the game more challenging, the loss of an entire inventory and all equipment can be frustrating at the beginning of a game and painful later on when the player has invested time . and energy in expensive weapons and armor. Lost gear can be recovered if the player finds his corpse, and maintaining various sets of backup armor can help ensure that the player can return to the place where he died.

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When they leave their base, players who need to get away from their computer will want to exit their game. Actually Valheim it does not offer players any kind of pause function. Many will solve it the hard way, when they open their menu to go for a snack and find their Valheim character was killed by a gray dwarf while they were in the kitchen. The inability to pause (even when playing solo) is a serious quality of life issue that negatively impacts the game, and will hopefully be addressed by the developers in a future patch or update.

Valheim options Easily accessible patches could be added

valheim elder boss creature

There are also a few options that can help players intimidated by hardcore survival modes to From Valheim gameplay with less frustration. An option to start with a basic set of tools, such as Minecraft starter chest, it would be a good way to help new players get used to the rules and mechanics with a boost. It might also be interesting to see an in-game setting that allows players to reduce the amount of resources required to create some of the basic items to get started. This would help new players prepare and learn the crafting system and all of its various branches, before stressing the large amount of resources required.

However, these issues and improvements are not the most serious thing facing the game today. Currently there is a bug destroying the world in Valheim players will want to be careful. The flaw, which has been confirmed by the developers as a known issue, completely erases the save file and the player’s world, forcing them to start from scratch. To avoid this, players are encouraged to create a backup of their world and character files, so that they can reload their progress if necessary. We hope that this bug and many other issues will be fixed in the near future with updates for Valheim, improving the overall gaming experience for fans.

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