The program now concluded, Vikings had some of the most beloved and surprising romances. These are the ones that surprised the fans and some that they always supported.

The show now over, Vikings had some of the most beloved and surprising romances. Some couples had amazing chemistry, so fans were supportive of them from the start. Others, however, surprised viewers a bit.

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The Scandinavians were all passionate and courageous people. They lived fast and died young, so many of them didn’t care that it lasted forever. However, there were a few exceptions, and those couples remain some of the most memorable in the show’s entire history. Please note that there is a discussion of darker topics and unhealthy relationships below.

10 Supporting: Lagertha and Ecbert

The brief romance of King Ecbert and Lagertha was based on mutual respect and maturity. Fans couldn’t help but cheer on Lagertha as she walked away from Ragnar, especially since she chose a king who was arguably even better than Ragnar himself.

Ecbert gave Lagertha what she valued most: fertile land for her people. Unfortunately, their peace was not going to last.

9 Surprised: Ivar and Freydis

Ivar was one of the cruelest and consequently least likable characters in Vikings. In season 5, he freed Freydis from slavery and married her. It was surprising to see Ivar fall in love, especially since he generally lacked emotions. After all, we are talking about a guy who killed his own brother.

After he killed his baby, Freydis betrayed him. She paid for the betrayal with her life when Ivar strangled her.

8 Supporting: Ragnar and Athelstan

Although their relationship was not romantic, it cannot be left out. Ragnar and Athelstan were Platonic soul mates. They were the other’s window to the unknown world. Ragnar was fascinated by Christianity, while Athelstan learned about the Viking way of life.

It is not only Ragnar’s heart that was broken after Floki assassinated the beloved monk. The entire fanbase cried a bit and the show never saw a relationship as deep as this again.

7 Surprised: Ragnar and Yidu

Ragnar quietly hoped that Yidu could be Athelstan’s replacement in his life, but he was not so lucky. Also, when he met Yidu, he was no longer doing very well.

What surprised fans even more than the relationship itself was that Ragnar murdered his lover. Yidu’s death was one of the most brutal deaths on the show, especially since it was completely unnecessary.

6 Supporting: Rollo and Gisla

There was something endearing about Rollo and Gisla’s relationship, even though Rollo betraying his people and joining the Franks was one of the worst things he had ever done in his life. She was repulsed by him at first and felt that he was “a savage” who didn’t even know how to use silverware. For the fans, watching her grow attached to Rollo was fun and exciting.

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They grew up to have one of the most successful relationships in Vikings. They respected and loved each other with a burning passion.

5 Surprised: Lagertha and Heahmund

Lagertha had chemistry with a fair number of men and women on the show, but most of them didn’t stick around. She had a little love affair with King Ecbert and killed her husband, Kalf, on their wedding night.

One of her lovers was also Bishop Heahmund, the religious fanatic, and the budding romance was a surprise. It was also a bit surprising when Heahmund called out his name while he was dying, considering how much he hated people who were not of his faith.

4 Rooting for: Floki and Helga

Even those who didn’t like Floki have to agree that he and Helga were a great couple. They were both introverts who valued nature and the gods above all else.

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Floki stayed true to Helga throughout the series, which was not a common thing on the show. Although all supported them, their love story had a tragic end. Not only did they lose a son, but eventually Helga was killed.

3 Surprised: Torvi and Ubbe

The fact that Ubbe and Torvi got together was a bit surprising because Torvi had a history with Bjorn. Ubbe and Torvi had a great trip together. From being baptized as Christians to participating in Native American rituals, they saw it all together.

Having Ubbe paired with Torvi felt a bit forced. It’s like the writers want to keep Torvi as part of the show, but don’t know how else to keep her around.

two Rooting for: Lagertha and Ragnar

The best couple in the history of all Vikings is the one that fans got to meet the first: Ragnar and Lagertha. They had it all: passion, respect, a beautiful family, and peace.

When Ragnar came to power and became obsessed with the prophecy of many sons, he abandoned Lagertha and Bjorn for Aslaug. However, the two remained friendly and Lagertha loved Ragnar until he died.

1 Surprised: Bjorn and Astrid

bjorn and astrid season 4 vikings

This was more of a one-night stand than a full-blown relationship, but it was still a surprise. After all, Astrid was getting very serious with Lagertha, only to end up sleeping with her only son.

Astrid was somewhat obsessed with Ragnar and his legacy, which may explain the event, but this union was still surprising.

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