Just a week ago, the 2021 Chinese New Year date was marked, ushering in the year of the Ox. Coincidentally, 2021 also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World. For anyone who feels attuned to the ebbs, flows, energies, and spirits of the Chinese zodiac signs, but still wants to spend time at Orlando’s many theme park attractions, there is a way these two seemingly disparate threads may arise. together.

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After all, with so many attractions to choose from, it can be a bit tricky to know where to start. But by following the traits established by the Chinese zodiac signs, park visitors can better understand which attraction will best match their identities and personalities. There is a clear path for everyone.

12 Rat: jungle cruise

Before hanging out on an adventure ship with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, those who are rats in the Chinese zodiac can try their luck at the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland Jungle Cruise attraction.

Rats are known for their quick wits and their ability to turn anything into a tool or mechanism. This energy is clearly matched by the Jungle Cruise skippers, who are tasked with getting guests to safety while they crack a few pranks along the way.

eleven Ox: Pirates of the Caribbean

Those born in a year of the Ox are those who most appreciate the most reliable and strong-willed forces in the universe. In Magic Kingdom, only a few attractions have existed since the beginning.

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Pirates of the Caribbean was a staple of Disney parks long before Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom geared up for the high seas. If oxen want a truly reliable ride, pirates will never disappoint them; it’s a classic for a reason.

10 Tiger: Tower of Terror

The tigers of the Chinese zodiac are undeniably brave, but they are also driven by the overwhelming quality of unpredictability. Therefore, tigers need a walk that can somehow overcome this manic energy.

Only the Tower of Terror is more unpredictable than a Tiger. Space Mountain might have a discussion, but the thrill of Hollywood Studios Twilight Zone Tributes are scheduled to drop randomly each time. The tigers will try.

9 Rabbit: PeopleMover

A journey that is actually completely foreseeableOn the other hand, there is the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland, which offers guests a relaxing aerial view of the east side of the Magic Kingdom.

Because it’s a smooth ride, it’s no wonder the gentle spirit of rabbits is more drawn to it. All they want is a motorized tour where they can put their feet up. PeopleMover is the most underrated option to appease this.

8 Dragon: Soarin ‘

Everyone in the world deserves the trust of Soarin ‘, a journey that has been around for about a decade and a half and may be the best attraction in all of Epcot.

Similarly, dragons have the utmost confidence of the Chinese zodiac animals, along with enthusiasm. For those who know how extraordinary Soarin ‘is, that excitement comes in the pre-show narrated by Patrick Warburton, which is often echoed by the strongest devotees of the attraction. Dragons are surely among them.

7 Snake: haunted mansion

A good part of the haunted mansion experience is narrated by the narration of the ghostly host, who lurks in the back of the Doom Buggies. He has to be one of the most enigmatic and intelligent characters in Disney World.

Everything he says has some kind of pun, but there is also wisdom in his happy stalking. The snakes of the Chinese zodiac will delight in the haunted mansion, which is based on lurid contradictions.

6 Horse: Toy Story Mania

Much of the appeal of Haunted Mansion for Snakes is the painstaking and methodical approach it brings to the experience. In direct contrast is Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Mania, which is all bombast, color, and “Go! Go! Go!”

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Those born in the years of the Horse have similar animated natures, with immense energy that leaves them constantly bouncing off any nearby wall. The rope-to-dope maniac provided by Toy Story Mania could even exhaust a Horse.

5 Goat: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Venturing into Animal Kingdom, it would be a mistake to leave an animal-defined attraction off the list. Fortunately, Kilimanjaro Safaris prioritizes the needs of the animals over the needs of the guests.

Therefore, it is very understanding and empathetic (the attraction requires guests to speak up in defense of wildlife) and a quiet experience of unity among animals of all kinds. Goats will love this gently animated attraction.

4 Monkey: Spaceship Earth

In general, the Chinese zodiac monkeys will adore Epcot. Monkeys are extremely intelligent and curious, which means they will love a theme park that is all about discovery and education, while having fun too.

Spaceship Earth is clearly an emblem of Epcot’s identity. It sets the tone for a day in the park by being the first attraction visitors see. Within the sphere? A journey through time and the history of communication, prompting guests to think a little more and be ready to explore a world they may take for granted.

3 Rooster: Expedition to Everest

Disneyland Expedition Everest

Coming back to Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest is by far the most daunting of the many mountain-themed roller coasters in all of Walt Disney World. As such, it takes immense courage to conquer.

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Leave that to the roosters of the Chinese zodiac. One of the defining traits of a rooster is its bravery, and that can be reinforced with a trip through the Himalayas. Not to mention, roosters are also highly observant, which means they can see the Yeti long before their fellow travelers.

two Dog: Progress Carousel

While Tomorrowland’s Carousel of Progress is primarily a show, it still features a revolving theater that makes for something to ‘ride’ on. Of course, it is a pleasant experience, but that is why the Chinese Zodiac Dogs will be so drawn to it.

The gentleness is also backed up by a sense of honesty and storytelling from John’s character voiced by Jean Shepherd. Considering that dogs value beautiful and healthy experiences above all else, the Carousel of Progress is a definite must.

1 Pig: it’s a small world

In the Chinese zodiac, pigs are best regarded for their sense of compassion. While It’s a Small World in Fantasyland could be a rather reductionist version of a unified world, it is still emblematic of the idea that a better world is possible.

And it is possible through compassionate connections between all cultures. Pigs will be able to discern the difference between attraction and reality, but they will understand that the underlying message of this theme park attraction is a little greater than just another spin of fun and music.

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