New WandaVision merchandise offers a look at the upcoming showdown between Wanda Maximoff and the powerful witch Agatha Harkness in Episode 8.

New WandaVision The merchandise offers a sneak peek at the ensuing showdown between Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness in Episode 8. This comes after the exciting final moments of WandaVision Episode 7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, in which Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda discovers a secret lair in Agnes’s basement filled with magical artifacts. After trapping Wanda in the mysterious lair, Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes reveals that she has posed as Wanda’s neighbor friend throughout the series and is actually a powerful sorceress named Agatha Harkness.

In the typical sitcom inspired WandaVison In vogue, this twist on Agnes is revealed through a musical performance called “Agatha All Along”, which reveals that Agatha has not been under Wanda’s control and has actually been behind numerous events at Westview, such as the Sparky’s death and Pietro’s arrival at the end of episode 5. In a mid-credits scene from WandaVisonIn the latest episode, Monica Rambeau is about to discover Agatha’s evil lair under Westview, but Pietro stops her and declares: “Snooper gonna snoop. “

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Now, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment, new WandaVision The merchandise offers a preview of Wanda and Agatha’s confrontation in Episode 8. A new image, which will apparently be printed on T-shirts, shows the two characters inside Agatha’s underground lair as the evil witch stands on Wanda. This intriguing promotional image released by Marvel suggests that Agatha may reveal her evil plan to Wanda sooner than many expected. Check out the new merchandise below:

Since the reveal of episode 7, anticipation has risen for the confrontation between Wanda and Agatha, and this new promotional image hints at how it could happen. It seems that Agatha can incapacitate Wanda with some kind of spell, or she still hasn’t recovered from her game changer at the end of the last episode. Considering the secrecy with which Marvel treats its projects, this new image was probably taken from the opening moments of episode 8, suggesting that the showdown will occur immediately in the next episode of WandaVision.

This will likely also include an explanation of how Agatha has been controlling the events of Westview, why she invoked Pietro, and perhaps her most important role in shaping the idyllic town of Westview. While WandaVisionCharacters are not always loyal to their comic book counterparts, Agatha actually served as a trusted confidant for Wanda in the Marvel comics. The penultimate episode can dive into the connected backstory of these two characters, which can lead to more surprising twists later on. With only two episodes of WandaVision remaining, Agatha’s motives will soon be revealed in full.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

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