Pokémon games and animated series have shown Pokémon eating many different foods throughout each generation, from berries to Pokémon croquettes.

the Pokemon The series has shown Pokémon eating all kinds of snacks both in the animated series and during each of the different games. From raw berries to croquettes, it seems that Pokémon food can come in many types and flavors. However, fans may wonder how many different types of food Pokémon have been seen eating over the decades and what some of those foods are actually made of.

The first and main food that seems to be available for Pokémon in both the games and the animated series is berries. While berries were not introduced as players currently know them until Generation 3, with a proto-type berry system in Generation 2, berries have become a major staple on the market. Pokemon Serie. Players can feed their Pokémon raw berries to regain health and heal status issues, as well as use them in different mini-game cooking features seen in each generation. The Pokémon also eat berries regularly in many episodes of the Pokemon anime.

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Pokémon also appear to eat human food. From Pikachu and his ketchup on Pokémon: Indigo League, to Ice Cream, Pop and Lava Cookies in different Pokemon games, they don’t seem to have any problem eating certain foods that their human companions pack. However, the animated series has relied on the concept of “Pokémon Food” in more recent seasons. This special food looks a lot like kibble that people would feed their pets in real life, and it is often given to Pokémon in pet food-style plates. It is not currently known what this food is made of, but it could be different berries, ground and dried in granules.

Pokémon can eat many different types of food throughout the series

A bowl of spicy curried sausage in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Pokémon games have also used different types of food that players can prepare while traveling with their friends. Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire used Pokéblocks to improve the different traits of a Pokémon. The coffins were used in Diamond and Pearl Pokémon to take the place of Pokéblocks, but had roughly the same effects. The Poképuff was introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and it was a kind of cupcake that players could get by playing mini-games on Poké Aime. Pokébeans were a gift used in Pokemon sun and moon players obtained while using the Poké Pelago. Finally cooking curry was added in Sword Y To protect. Each of these different treats has had minor appearances in the anime and it seems to be a fun way to showcase each region’s different style of Pokémon cooking.

While there are many different goodies in the Pokemon games, there are also medications that players can buy or find, and they are used from time to time in the anime. These drugs are made from ground herbs and berries, and are often described as unpleasant to take, but more beneficial than the potions and healers found in Pokémarts. When it comes to food in the Pokemon series, there seems to be no shortage of variety for coaches and their partners to choose from, and new types may be added for generations to come.

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