Suicide Squad director James Gunn reveals why he wanted John Cena to play Peacemaker, citing a memorable performance by the actor.

James Gunn reveals why he cast John Cena as The Peacemaker in The suicide squad. The highly anticipated sequel, written and directed by Gunn, will see the return of familiar faces like Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang. But there will also be some new additions to the story.

One of the more interesting additions is Peacemaker, which will appear in The suicide squad before having his own spinoff show on HBO Max. The character is described as a ruthless killer who believes in achieving peace no matter what. Gunn, for his part, has referred to the character as a superhero and a supervillain. In new comments, Gunn revealed why he thought of Cena for the role.

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While answering questions from fans on Instagram, Gunn He was asked why he chose Cena to be Peacemaker. The director revealed that it was his Cena performance in the 2015 romantic comedy. Derailed train That prompted him to consider the WWE star for other projects. You can see Gunn’s answer below.

In his relatively brief participation in Derailed train, Cena makes an impression as the clueless and gym-obsessed love interest of Amy Schumer’s character. The performance is even made memorable by the fact that, in his turn of support, Cena is essentially poking fun at the flawless wrestling image he had cultivated during his long career as the uncomplicated, conquering hero of WWE. In a limited number of scenes, it is clear that the actor enjoys the opportunity to loosen up and bring out a different side of his personality. It’s a trend that continued to appear in comedies like Sisters Y Blockers.

Peacemaker marks Cena’s biggest outing yet. Although, in other ways, the DC Comics character is simply a progression of Cena’s more well-known character. Wrestling fans often complained, not without merit, that Cena’s reign of dominance in WWE was anything but heroic. Despite being a role model for young fans, the character often looked down on his opponents and ruthlessly criticized their vulnerabilities. Nor was he above taking shortcuts to achieve his victories. And, when pushed enough, these trends were further amplified. Peacemaker is, in a sense, a cruder version of a divisive protagonist that Cena has portrayed in the past.

At the moment, not much is known about the character spinoff show other than that it will explore the origins of Peacemaker. The cast has also been revealed, including actors from Riverdale Y When they see us. More about the series will be revealed as it nears its premiere on HBO Max in January 2022. But, before that, fans will have a chance to see John Cena share the screen with a team of outcasts at The suicide squad.

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