Platforms represent the beginning of games and how difficult they can be. They are found in almost all genres and will never go out of style.

While many gamers don’t realize it, platform games are the most important aspect of gaming. Due to its importance, fans will never let it go out of style. It has been repeatedly tested with franchises like Super Mario Bros. that there is a versatility in the property that keeps fans coming back with every update.

Its story began in the early 1980s, but reached its peak with the first Mario title, where the plumber jumped from platform to platform to defeat enemies and earn power-ups. Nintendo would then evolve its platform and create characters, such as Kirby, which introduced more tricks and a greater focus on timing. Sega decided to add a factor that would stay with the genre for years: speed. Sonic the Hedgehog introduced a much faster pacing on platforms that challenged players and gave them a greater sense of momentum.

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Title screen in Super Mario Bros.

Speed ​​and time would follow Sonic even when he entered the third dimension. With games like Super mario 64 Y Sonic adventure, the platforms became much more difficult. Before, a player only had to worry about two points to fall. With 3D, those two points became 360 ​​degrees of danger. This new style, combined with the pacing and speed of older titles, gave the characters a boost that made the platforming feel more like a balancing act. Sony would further refine this genre with its own titles.

The original PlayStation featured many new features. However, with Spyro the dragon Y Crash Bandicoot’s launch, the platformer genre reached new heights. What made these two titles so revolutionary for the genre and for gamers was their new levels of versatility. Spyro the dragon showed that platforms are not always about falling because various power-ups allow players to ascend to new platforms with flight. Crash Bandicoot, on the other hand, it brought more intensity to the platforms. Players were now forced to make split decisions by running faster than rocks or trying to clear a collapsing bridge. Since its launch, Sony has helped take the weight of platform gaming to new heights.

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Shooters would continue to include platforms in their third and first person versions. One of the best examples in recent years has been the multiplayer FPS, Destination. The title allows players not only to raid from a first-person perspective, but it also features platforming puzzles that present an entirely new set of challenges, as most players cannot see their feet. It reduces the platforms to their basic purpose, but creates a new challenge with a different camera angle to confuse players.

Action and adventure titles like Unexplored Y tomb Raider they also have their fair share of platforms. However, its difficulty stems from the limitations of normal humans forced to conquer impressive feats. These games will generally add various means of travel that add a unique level of complexity to the platforms. For example, Uncharted the fourth installment gives Nate a grappling hook. While it allows you to reach greater distances, it also dramatically closes your time window. It may be easier to grab a ledge, but it falls to your doom if the player misses.

Platforms have come a long way and have helped incorporate some of the most iconic names in games. Its importance comes from the understanding that almost all games need platforms, whether it is their greatest appeal or not. Throughout its history, developers have innovated simple mechanics to keep up and justify its importance. Platforms will never go out of style because games will always need it.

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