Although The Muppets Show has long been considered a clean, good-natured show, Disney + recently added a content warning to many of its episodes.

Created by American puppeteer Jim Henson, The Muppet Show began airing almost five decades ago. The variety show featured a mix of puppets like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, along with a wide variety of celebrities. To program credit, most The Muppet Show remains timeless. That is, however, with a few exceptions.

Rather than completely removing every episode with questionable content, Disney + released all five seasons of the show along with a content warning label. The disclaimer reads: “This program includes negative representations and / or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and now they are ”. The 12-second, can’t-skip warning was previously seen as an addition to numerous animated classics available on the platform, including Dumbo, The Lady and the Tramp Y Swiss Robinson family, due to cultural insensitivity and racial stereotypes. For the same reasons, several episodes of The Muppet Show now they have done the same.

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One of the most The culturally insensitive episodes come from the show’s third season. Starring the late Spike Milligan, the episode displays more than a few highly offensive stereotypes. To the tune of “It’s a Small World,” a musical number has Milligan undergo multiple costume changes, including one in which she wears a stereotypical Chinese costume and pokes fun at the Chinese language. At another point, Milligan uses a Nazi-style salute.

As well as adding to an episode full of cultural stereotypes, the final minutes show Mulligan in a Native American headdress. He then proceeds to speak in broken English, painting an incredibly cartoonish portrait. Overall, the episode feels very out of place considering the personable content. The Muppet Show he was known for producing. While the episode is still available to American subscribers, it was deemed too inappropriate and was completely removed from British screens.

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Similar to the Milligan episode, James Coburn participates in a racially insensitive sketch during the show’s fifth season. In the final musical sequence, he admits that he doesn’t want to make a cowboy sketch, opting to do “something a little more enlightened.” During the parody, The Muppet Show anything but confirms that superficial stereotypes are not only factual, but that there is no need to learn about cultures other than your own. Perhaps the jokes weren’t maliciously intended at the time, but that doesn’t make it any less awkward to watch.

The Muppet Show it certainly contains its fair share of racial insensitivity and harmful cultural stereotypes. Steve Martin, Joel Gray, Sylvester Stallone, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, and Crystal Gayle are just a few other celebrities starring in sketches that deserve a disclaimer. The Muppet Show It deserves to be remembered as an incredibly shocking show, but that doesn’t mean its troubled history should be overlooked.

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