Mograine is an incredibly tragic epic, and Wildstorm and Blizzard brought that story to life in the World of Warcraft: Ashbringer comic.

For World of Warcraft players, Alexandros Mograine and Ashbringer is a plot that is deeply rooted in the franchise’s history. Mograine is featured in Lich King, and at first glance, Mograine’s plot may seem like a creative background to the Lich King’s plot. However, before players are out of the Death Knights starting zone, it’s clear that Mograine will have a central role to play. And in 2009, Wildstorm Productions created a comic book miniseries that delves deeper into the Ashbringer lore than any sub-quest, dialogue, or scene.

World of Warcraft: Ashbringer, by Micky Neilson, Tony Washington, and Ludo Lullabi, takes place in the human kingdom of Lordaeron. The Lich King had unleashed the plague of undeath upon the citizens of Lordaeron, causing pain, destruction, and the removal of free will wherever the plague touches. Mograine is a prominent member of The Knights of the Silver Hand, a group that can best be described as the opposite of the Lich King. The Silver Hand are knights who use holy magic and seek the light in all things. The Silver Hand is waging both spiritual and physical warfare against the Lich King, but it wasn’t enough.

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Warcraft Ashrbinger Comic

The comic explores Mograine’s philosophy, which differs from that of some of his fellow holy knights. Mograine believes that light and darkness are contradictions to each other and that dark magic is a tool that can be manipulated and transformed. Mograine takes a dark orb and uses holy magic and advanced forging to create a sword that can stop the undead and turn those suffering from the undead to ashes.

The series also explores a large amount of content that is not in the game. Particularly that of the story of Alexandros Mograine and Zabra Hexx. Alexandros finds the troll priest Zabra Hex living in the abandoned monastery that will eventually become the Scarlett Monastery. Zabra has discovered the ways of “the light” by reading the books in the abandoned monastery. Alexandros Mograine saves Zabra from execution, Alexandros answers for the troll and says that he claims that the troll had found its way into the light.

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Unfortunately, Mograine’s success as a bearer of light did not last. As we see in the series, Mograine is lured to his death on Strathholm. Betrayed by his brother Renault Mograine, he is assassinated and brought back to life as the embodiment of the undead. His sword that once struck down thousands of the undead is now used against the living and those it previously protected.

The expansion of the early history of the Lich King of Mograine makes the Naxxramas raid and Mograine’s current fate in the Shadowlands particularly poignant. The main theme of World of Warcraft is the contradiction between light and dark and the comic series follows these themes. Mograine represents the struggle between light and darkness, and its tragic ending paves the way for the trajectory of the game and the story. The comic series adds an ending that is not introduced to the game. Darion Mograine, son of Alexandros, is mourning the murder of his father. Darion is comforted by Zabra Hex. Zabra tells Darion that his father has not separated at all and that he can feel a connection with Alexandros. Darion asks where Alexandros is, and Zabra replies that he has a vision of Alexandros in a fortress floating above a burning city.

The Ashbringer miniseries is part of a long series of collaborations between Blizzard and Wildstorm. Throughout their partnership, Blizzard used Wildstorm to strengthen and fill in the gaps in some of the fan-favorite traditions, including the Starcraft stories as well. Blizzard’s creative writers have contributed to the comic book series and expanded the canon material of the game.

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