After the season 8 update where Respawn Entertainment nerfed the character, Wraith no longer counts as the most popular character in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment Season 8 Update for Apex legends significantly nerfed Wraith, a move that has since seen its popularity decline. The Respawn Crew Deployed Apex legends Season 8 earlier this month, adding new weapons like the 30-30 Repeater. Interestingly, the recent update also ushered in a number of item changes, which effectively weakened certain aspects of the game.

As a result, the popularity of the EVA-8 shotgun is destined to decline, given the elimination of the Double Tap Trigger jump. The elements were also not all affected in terms of power reduction in the season 8 launch. Respawn also made sure to reduce the power level of Wraith, who remains the most popular character since the time of Apex legends‘release in early 2019. Wraith quickly became a top Legends thanks to her dimensional rift-opening abilities, little hitbox, and Voices from the Void ability, the latter of which warns her and her teammates Team up on approaching enemies. It’s no wonder some players wanted Wraith to undergo drastic changes.

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According to a Reddit post from the game’s lead designer Daniel klein, the nerf Wraith, who increased the size of his hitbox, shook up his pick rates. In response to questions from fans, Klein explained that Wraith went from having the highest pick rate, a mantle that he has kept for much of Apex’s existence, until now being the fourth most popular character. The developer didn’t reveal who took Wraith’s place in the first place, but did reveal that he’s still ahead of Caustic, who now counts as the fifth most popular legend. Caustic’s popularity has grown steadily since mid-December, Klein noted, as “now I get to super strong. “Apparently Respawn plans”nerfing the next patch [to] look where that puts it. “

Daniel Klein Reddit Post on Wraith and Caustic

Klein’s comment indicates that Caustic’s increasing pick rate matches the nerfing of other characters like Wraith in Season 8. With Caustic set to receive some tweaks of his own sometime soon, the question arises as to whether or not Wraith can, turn, get a little boost.

Regardless of what’s coming up, it will be interesting to see how players have responded to the changes in season 8. Who has the highest pick rate now? Which characters are losing their shine due to nerfs? Fans will have answers to all of this and more when Respawn Entertainment shares statistics related to Season 8.

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Apex legends can be played for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms | S; The free title is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9.

Source: Daniel klein

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