Domino and Cable may be working together again, but a little moment reveals everything about Kid Cable’s place in their relationship.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Cable # 8 by VC’s Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto and Joe Sabino, on sale now

After running his older self on Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz Extermination # 1, Cable has worked hard to earn the trust and favor of his fellow X-Men. He has surpassed this goal, joined the Summers family and became an important member of SWORD, but some of his older self acquaintances, such as his teammates on X-Force, have not been as enthusiastic about him.

Despite joining him in helping track down Stryfe in Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto’s Cable # 7, A Little Lie Between The Two Reveals Everything We Need To Know About Kid Cable And His Place Among The Mutants Compared To His Older Counterpart.

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As Kid Cable and Domino go in search of Stryfe and the rest of several kidnapped children, Kid Cable tries to share some jokes with the former lover of his adult self. While he plays around a bit, joking about reversing the age difference between the two compared to the older Cable, he doesn’t take it all. While tracking down a clue, Cable asks Domino if he ever calls her “Dom”, to which she replies no.

However, that is not true as the adult Cable used to use “Dom” as a nickname and term for Domino. With this little lie it’s a quick interaction, it says a lot about Kid Cable, his place with mutants, and Domino’s feelings for him. By refusing to allow Kid Cable to call her “Dom”, Domino reveals that she is keeping him at a distance and also keeps her past with the adult Cable separate from the new Kid Cable.

For years, Cable and Domino had an on-and-off relationship that even predated their time on X-Force. The nickname “Dom” is a symbol of their close relationship, both romantically and professionally, and it seems that Domino would like to die with the elder Cable. By not allowing Kid Cable to call her by that name, Domino shows that she does not trust Kid Cable in the same way as her counterpart, probably with the fact that Kid Cable killed him and is also years younger. This also indicates that while he has gained some favor in Krakoa, those close to the adult Cable may not feel the same for their younger counterpart as the war-hardened Cable they knew for years.

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Kid Cable, of course, remains oblivious to the nuances of this moment, believing that he is the best Cable. Still, Kid Cable doesn’t seem to fully understand how his presence affects his relationships with the people in Krakoa, and his former X-Force teammates specifically.

It’s possible that Kid Cable will eventually earn this trust over time, but it’s just as possible that the older Cable will return before that happens. Due to the time-traveling nature of the X-Men’s adventures, it could only be a matter of time before the original Cable returns and takes his rightful place among his fellow mutants.

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