Recent Hellions issues have highlighted a particularly savage mutant who has shifted his focus from looking for an alpha to hunting a mate.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Hellions # 9 by VC’s Zeb Wells, Stephen Segovia, David Curiel and Ariana Maher, on sale now.

The Hellions of Krakoa are a team of misfits who have a hard time fitting into the civilized society of mutants. One of the members, Wild Child, has been looking for his place for a long time. Since his death in Amenth and his subsequent resurrection, Wild Child has focused more on one thing in particular: finding a mate.

Since Wild Child’s first appearance in 1983 Alpha Flight # 1 – by John Byrne, Joe Rosen and Andy Yanchus – has been a bit of an outcast. Kyle Gibney, Wild Child’s real name, is a “wild” mutant. With claws on his hands and feet, pointed ears, and a slightly animal-like face, he has stood out among humans and mutants alike. This, in addition to the fact that he needs a strong “alpha” presence in his life, has caused him to switch between hero and villain several times.

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When she first met Aurora from Alpha Flight, she commented several times during their fight about her horrible appearance. Later, when he joined the Alpha Flight team, he took medications that contained his wild physical attributes, but kept his fighting and tracking abilities. Now that he was much more attractive, he sought a romantic relationship with Aurora. To show how much he had changed since his Wild Child days, he changed his codename to Wild Heart. Unfortunately, his happiness was not meant to last. She soon returned to her more animalistic appearance, and not wanting to face Aurora, she left her and the team behind.

This time his face grew worse than ever, making him more like Nosferatu than himself, especially since the loss of his trademark long blonde hair. However, his love for Aurora endured. Her mental state had deteriorated greatly and she was admitted to a psychiatric facility. The Weapon X program convinced Wild Child that they could help her if they both joined the organization. Wild Child saved her, but Aurora rejected her due to her new appearance. She cruelly told him that she couldn’t keep her food if he was in the room. Even after this rejection, she still meant the world to him. Sabertooth used Wild Child’s love for Aurora to cause deep emotional damage to the wild mutant, torturing her in front of him until she cried and begged for the life of her love. Although the two never reconciled, this relationship defined Wild Child until his death at the hands of Omega Red.

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With Krakoa’s resurrection protocols, Wild Child was one of many who came back to life after the island was colonized. This time he kept his skills and sensibilities wild, but he seemed a little more human than before. After attacking an animal in front of some younger mutants, Wild Child was supposed to go back to taking the medication that had made him more civilized before. Just pretending to take the medication, he attacked his captors and escaped from the holding cell that led him to the Hellions team as the Quiet Council didn’t know what else to do with him. Even in the team of violent mutants, he tried to attack them and was out of control until Psylocke fought him and proved himself better. He accepted her as his alpha and obediently followed her.

Once again, Wild Child’s feeling of satisfaction would be disrupted. When the Hellions ventured to Amenth, Wild Child sacrificed himself to allow Psylocke to escape. After coming back to life on Krakoa, he became the ultimate version of himself. Maintaining a primarily human face, his wild psyche was still present and made him much more direct and self-assured. He told Greycrow that he wanted to find a wolf and grow his pack. He later admitted that he had not yet found a partner, because the women of Krakoa perceive him as weak. Greycrow noted that perhaps his aggressiveness was driving women away.

Wild Child has not expressed a particular interest in anyone thus far. His former love, Aurora, however, is now dating Daken and is no longer an option. Most recently, his greatest attachment has been Psylocke, but he never seemed to have anything romantic. Wild Child is more handsome than before when he went wild, but his shortened sentences and mood swings may be hampering his search for love. However, if the right woman gave him a chance, his entire demeanor could change, similar to how he did previously with the help of Psylocke.

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