The original Dragon Ball has some underrated villains, and Demon King Piccolo is a tyrant who truly makes his mark on the DBZ universe.

Few anime franchises have gained as many followers as Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball. The series has been able to evolve and grow along with its characters and change gender shonen by the way.

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Later efforts by the franchise as Dragon Ball Z Y Dragon ball super sometimes gets more attention than the original Dragon Ball Serie. Still, it helps set the baseline for Goku and Company. The original Dragon Ball also has some extremely underrated villains, with Demon King Piccolo being a tyrant who actually leaves his mark on the Dragon Ball universe.

10 Once he successfully makes his wish in Dragon Balls

Considering that the anime is called Dragon Ball, It should come as no surprise that the titular orbs are quite a significant relic, especially in the original series. At the end of the franchise, there are several sets of Dragon Balls, and many wishes have been made on them, but Demon King Piccolo is the first villain to successfully achieve his wish, which is something that is still a rarity for Dragon Ball villains. It’s terrifying in a new way when King Piccolo truly achieves his goal and achieves his wish to regain his youth.

9 Destroy Earth’s armed forces and become a world leader

Anime Dragon Ball King Piccolo Throne

Once Demon King Piccolo regains his youth and strength, he wastes no time showing off his abilities. Many villains talk about wanting to take over the world, but King Piccolo is actually the one who follows him and wins the title of king on his behalf. Piccolo destroys the entire army of Earth, eliminates the king and sets himself up as ruler of the world within his castle. It’s a very public display of his villainy that plunges into more than just a victory in space.

8 Eliminate Shenron to seemingly take down the Dragon Balls

Anime Dragon Ball King Piccolo kills Shenron

The scariest and most dangerous villains are those who are dissatisfied with the status quo and are trying to seriously disrupt the universe so that it permanently stacks in their favor.

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Some enemies would be perfectly satisfied if their evil wish with the Dragon Balls were granted. Still, King Piccolo gloats over his victory and demonstrates his newfound power by before killing Shenron. It’s a very bold move, and at the time, it seems like this is the end of Dragon Balls, and King Piccolo has developed a dangerous loophole to stay in charge.

7 Kill large portions of the Earth’s population and incite riots

Sometimes the villains of Dragon Ball They only make themselves known to Goku and the other powerful individuals who challenge them, while the rest of Earth has no idea that their planet was in danger. Demon King Piccolo tries to change this standard, and thrives on the attention and fear he instills on the planet. King Piccolo unleashes an army of demons that decimate the world and create a sense of Armageddon that has never before been present in Dragon Ball. King Piccolo’s henchmen are all over the planet and nowhere feels safe.

6 When the wave of demonic containment falls upon him and fails

The late Dragon Ball The series has fallen into a pattern where a sleek new transformation is often the battlefield solution. However, none of this was present in the original. Dragon Ball. There is much more emphasis on developing clever techniques and strategies in battle, and the Demon Containment Wave is a prime example. It seems that this device to trap demons will be the key to the defeat of King Piccolo, but it is not only. Master Roshi unsuccessful with him, but it leads to his own demise. It’s a devastating turn of events that makes King Piccolo feel invincible.

5 After he takes out Chiaotzu and is responsible for Krillin’s death

Anime Dragon Ball Chiaotzu Die King Piccolo Blast

Death is a common event in the Dragon Ball franchise thanks to the resurrection capabilities of Dragon Balls. Death remains a rarity in the original. Dragon Ball series, so deaths are still important. It is always difficult when a character decides to sacrifice himself for the greater good, only to be in vain.

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Chiaotzu tries to stop King Piccolo from making Shenron a Dragon Ball wish, but his interference leads to King Piccolo turning him into cannon fodder. Piccolo’s offspring, Tambourine, also kill Krillin, which is another big blow for Goku.

4 Turn the world martial arts tournament into a sick manipulation tool

Goku hits Demon King Piccolo with his staff.

Tournaments are an exciting way for the shonen series to bring together many powerful fighters and facilitate constant battles without much exposure. Initially, the World martial arts tournaments in Dragon Ball they’re extremely fun and clever ways of charting how much characters like Goku and Krillin have improved throughout the series. However, Demon King Piccolo also commands the World Martial Arts Tournament and makes it another ailing component of his world government. Normally, an entertaining test of strength instead turns into a tense trap where death seems likely.

3 His bond with Kami leaves Earth’s guardian at risk and vulnerable.

Even before Dragon Ball identify what the Namekian is, he is still introducing important principles about them. Goku meets Kami, positioned as the guardian of Earth and even the creator of Dragon Balls. It is eventually revealed that King Piccolo and Kami are intrinsically linked and two sides of the same coin. Kami is as vulnerable to Piccolo as he is to him, but King Piccolo is the type to take advantage of their connection and hold his other half hostage to get what he wants. No other villain has this level of control over the Guardian of Earth.

two He is the first major villain who is an alien species

It’s kind of ridiculous to look at Dragon ball super and see how much of the series takes place outside of Earth and even in an entirely new universe. The scope of the franchise has certainly expanded, and the beginning of Dragon Ball features enemies that are largely human mastering martial arts. There are minor exceptions to this, but King Piccolo stands out because he is the first villain to appear completely strange and mark a new variety of dangers. This is not just a disgruntled human. But instead, it is some new species they are completely indifferent to the species.

1 After his legacy survives through his children

little jr

Demon King Piccolo achieves a host of achievements during his life time. However, he develops an insidious strategy to make sure that Earth is still enslaved and knows his name even after he’s gone. Piccolo asexually reproduces several children in Dragon Ball, but his masterpiece is Piccolo Junior, which is essentially a carbon copy of his father. Piccolo Junior starts out as a villain and in the footsteps of his father, but in Dragon Ball Z, officially becomes one of the good guys. Despite his change of heart, it’s still a good King Piccolo strategy.

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