A Redditor has created a fun Among Us bot called GlaDOS that can lie to players, report imposters, and complete tasks with lightning speed.

A Reddit user has created a fun Among us bot called GlaDOS that can lie, report killers, and complete in-game tasks at lightning speed. The bot itself is named after the infamous artificial intelligence GlaDOS from Portal fame and hilariously plays the popular multiplayer mystery game surprisingly well, with all the sadistic wit and idiosyncrasy one would expect from killer AI.

Among us was released in 2018 to a very tepid reception, but saw a massive burst of popularity in 2020. The addictive gameplay caused friends and strangers to question the intentions of their peers by creating a fast-paced murder mystery aboard a spaceship of science fiction while with a simple yet adorable cartoonish art style. Popular online video game streamers pointing fingers at each other created a lovely way to spread themselves Among us to a wider audience. The unexpected success of the game has created the following, even spawning a limited line of products.

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rewarding AltskOP has published a video that compiles images of his bot GlaDOS participating in several matches of Among us. The visuals show that while the bot has varying levels of success, it is constantly entertained with various humorous lines of dialogue, and the intense speed with which it completes the many crew tasks placed around the map is impressive and unnerving. He is also very quick to report those who kill fellow crew members in his immediate vicinity.

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AltskOP says in the comments that GlaDOS is not perfect and not as smart as you think. Among us has spawned an incredibly active mod community that offers PC gamers hundreds of different ways to play outside of what developer InnerSloth intended. Among these mods are many that allow for different variations on the game’s main gameplay to turn specific players into imposters looking to dispatch their crewmates in a gruesome way.

Among us playable on mobile devices, PC and Nintendo Switch, but a highly anticipated Xbox release has been announced for later in 2021. No comment has been made on a Playstation release, but at the rate it has been happening, such a port has not I would. be surprising. InnerSloth has also released several taunts detailing upcoming changes to the game in the form of a new map and various updates to keep the game going. Among us cool experience for new and veteran players alike.

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Source: AltSk0P

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