A possible sequel to the Destroy All Humans remake has been teased in a sales promo for the remake, but it’s unclear what exactly it could be.

Destroy all humans seems to have a sequel, based on an unexpected new teaser. The news comes as part of a new praise trailer promoting a new sale for the game. The remake of the 2005 cult classic is currently 50% off on Steam and will remain on sale until February 26, but that’s not the exciting news.

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Destroy all humans seems to have a sequel. A second Crypto enters the frame at the end of the trailer wearing an outfit that resembles the original. Destroy all humans 2 2006. The other Crypto asks if 137 is “Already done“to which he replies that he needs to wait his turn and he is”just starting. “It is not clear if it will be a new version of Destroy all humans 2 or whether THQ Nordic is going to use the first game as the basis for an entirely new sequel, acting as a soft reboot for the franchise canon. Nothing has been officially confirmed so this is all speculation, but it’s hard to imagine they aren’t making fun of something.

A new era of niche action / adventure remakes from the 2000s seems to be growing as games like Destroy all humans Y Stubbs the Zombie to revive. Given that no DLC was released for the remake, developer Black Forest Games is likely already knee deep in the mysterious follow-up. Given that the game is already being teased, maybe fans will get a proper reveal later this year and hopefully see it released in 2022. Either way, Crypto’s return will be highly anticipated.

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Source: Nordic THQ

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