As the stakes grow steadily more serious for King in Black, a hero is tempted to use the Infinity Gauntlet for his own purposes.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black cat # 3, by Jed MacKay, CF Villa, Brian Reber and Ferran Delgado, out now.

The heroes of the Marvel Universe have found themselves at a precarious crossroads during the crossover event. King in black, having to make dark compromises and desperate decisions to save the world from being conquered by Knull, the dark god of symbiotes.

And while Black Cat is on a vital mission to turn the tide of the battle against Knull with an Asgardian power upgrade, Felicia Hardy is tempted by the ultimate upgrade to become the most omnipotent figure in the entire cosmos with the Infinity Gauntlet. per se. Black cat # 3.

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Infinity Gauntlet Black Cat 1

To rescue Doctor Strange from Knull’s army of symbiotes, Black Cat had stolen a branch of the Asgardian World Tree Yggdrasil that Strange once used for his respective Asgardian enhancement. As soon as she armed herself with a tree branch, Felicia Hardy transformed into a full-fledged Asgardian warrior and used her powers to attack the symbiotes around her. As Felicia acclimates to her power boost, she receives a vision that tempts her not to give up her powers, showing her all the things she could accomplish with her Asgardian upgrade, including a vision of her claiming the Infinity Gauntlet and its power for herself. herself.

Appearing in the image of her mentor and surrogate father figure, Black Fox, the vision takes Felicia through the deepest and darkest desires now at her fingertips. Among these is Felicia using her newfound powers to defeat her enemies and wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, equipped with all six Infinity Gems, and using it to demand that heroes and villains bow down to her as she brandishes the fully empowered Gauntlet before them.

As a career criminal who has stolen many variations of jewelry and someone who used to be a crime lord, the Infinity Gauntlet and its signature gems would be the ultimate prize for Black Cat if she decided to go ahead with that as her next heist. , with or without the branch of the World Tree.

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Black Cat King in Black Vision

The Infinity Gauntlet has emerged in a different vision of the possible future of the Marvel Universe recently, this time experienced by Thor. During his confrontation with Black Winter, the ethereal force provided the God of Thunder with a prophecy that Thanos would not only gain the ability to wield Mjolnir, but would equip him with the Infinity Stones while arming himself with a very different type of gauntlet than it could be linked to Black Winter or Knull himself. And with both visions prominently involving the Infinity Gauntlet teasing sinister fates for the superhero community, the prophesied return of the Infinity Stones is sure to shake the Marvel Universe to its core.

Between the visions of Thor and Black Cat, the Infinity Gauntlet looks set to return one way or another, and dark news is coming for Marvel heroes. While Felicia was able to resist the temptations offered by the World Tree branch to take complete control over her, her desire to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet for herself has become clear. And with Thanos active once again and fighting the Eternals, it really only feels like a matter of time before the temptation of the Infinity Gauntlet and its omnipotent powers loom over the Marvel Universe, potentially tempting anyone from the Mad Titan. even Felicia Hardy with her promises of complete cosmic domination.

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