Weekly Shonen Jump just serialized Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade, a new sports manga, and it has the potential to catch up or even surpass Haikyuu.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade Chapter 1

Weekly Shonen Jump just serialize, Nine Dragons Ball Parade, a new sports manga series that has the potential to be a huge success after Haikyuu !! ended a few months ago. Haikyuu! It has been a huge hit with both fans and sports manga fans alike. It has been adapted to anime and even has its own movies. It also won the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award for best shonen manga in 2016. Now, Nine Dragons Ball Parade is ready to fill the void.

Haikyuu !! followed the journey of Shoyo Hinata, a high school boy who has been fascinated by volleyball since his high school years. You can finally join and play an official game during your junior year in high school, but your team loses during the first game. He then proceeds to enroll in a high school with a well-known volleyball club. Hinata’s journey and her rivalry with Kageyama is quite a sight to behold. However, that is not the only aspect Haikyuu !! that has captivated fans. Unlike most sports manga, the main character of the series has a passion for sports from the beginning. Even though Hinata is quite fond of, she has still tried her best to learn about it during her high school years. Additionally, the series is full of friendly rivalries and there are rarely hateful characters, giving fans a wide variety of options to choose from their biases.

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Nine Dragons Ball Parade just started its serialization in Shonen Jump weekly. The series is written by Mikiyasu Kamada and drawn by Ashibi Fukui, and follows the story of Tamao Azukida who dreams of joining Hakuo Gakuin’s baseball club. To do so, you have constantly trained and researched everything you need to be accepted.

On the day of the test, he meets an ignorant guy who has no idea how the test is going. Since he’s a catcher, he tries to signal big-name pitchers. However, they refuse to follow his signals as he is basically nobody. But when Ryuudou, the ignorant boy, reaches the mound, he follows Tamao’s signals and scores a strikeout. However, despite his analytical skills, Tamao does not join the team. Ryuudou also rejects her acceptance and decides to form a new team with Tamao.

Tamo and Ryuudou’s friendship is nostalgically similar to Hinata and Kageyama’s. More than that, the series gives off the vibe of a helpless dark horse knocking down powers. Since the first chapter ends with Ryuudou’s proposal, readers wonder what will happen next. If the mangaka plays it right, Nine Dragons Ball Parade it’s going to be a really entertaining series.

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