Few series are as important in games as The legend of Zelda, and each game in the franchise offers new versions of classic recurring characters like series stars Link, Zelda, and Ganon. However, each game also brings its own new and unique characters to the table. While some of these characters, like Ocarina of timeSheik and Breath of the wildPrince Sidon, attracts a lot of attention, others are possibly underrated.

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Whether it’s recurring characters that just fade into the background or unique characters that don’t get their due, these characters deserve a little love too. And while they may not realize it in their first or second game, these are the types of characters that players will hopefully come to appreciate over time.

10 Kaepora gaebora

Kaepora saying goodbye

Kaepora Gaebora, the helpful owl form of the ancient sage Rauru, gets a bad rap from much of the world. Zelda fandom for their long spiels on how to play the game that many players accidentally repeat due to Kaepora suddenly asking the player if they want to hear those advice again.

However, fans are underestimating Kaepora Gaebora as she is an invaluable resource for new players who just want to help Link navigate the often overwhelming realm of Hyrule. Also, its pattern that makes it look like it has a second face under its beak is beautiful to watch, even if you have to stare at it for a long time because it’s on its third monologue.

9 Maple syrup

Maple after crashing into Link and syrup in his cauldron

The series pillar syrup appears in several Zelda games, while his daughter Maple is unique in the Oracle games, as well as the Game Boy Advance relaunch of A link to the past. However, none of the characters seem to receive much affection. This mother-daughter witch duo is noted for their classic witch outfit and unique roles in Link’s journey.

Syrup normally sells potions to Link and sometimes asks for his help in finding an ingredient for her. Maple is a bit more mischievous, bumps into Link from time to time and triggers a situation in which the player will have to collect the objects that are dropped and at the same time hook some of Maple’s. These witches deserve their fair share from fans and maybe even a mother-daughter reunion down the road.

8 Twinrova (Kotake and Koume)

Twinrova combination shape looking down

Many Zelda fans know Ganon, Skull Kid, and even King Ghirahim. Recurring villains Kotake and Koume (aka Twinrova), however, don’t get as much attention from players. Appearing as villains in Ocarina of time and the Oracle games, the Twinrova are known as tough bosses who can fight as separate witches on broomsticks or as a combo warrior.

However, that is not the entirety of Twinrova’s presence in the Zelda Serie. In majora mask, the fire and ice wielding sisters appear as Link’s allies, with Kotake owning a potions shop and Koume offering a cruise that Link can take. Although it’s been a while since players saw Twinrova in a new adventure, they are classic villains (and allies) who deserve more love.

7 Teachers

Guru Guru playing his organ angrily

This musician plays his organ grinder in various Zelda games, first appearing at the windmill in Ocarina of time, where he becomes angry at Adult Link for the actions of his young counterpart. That said, most of the time Guru-Guru is a carefree guy who is happy to help Link.

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Besides giving Link items and tools in exchange for completing missions (or just chatting), of course, the name Guru-Guru is just addicting to say. His musical abilities are also admirable, and while he can be strange when angry, Guru-Guru might have a bigger place in fans’ hearts just because of his uniqueness.

6 Ezlo

Ezlo jumping out of the link head and exclaiming

Today, Minish’s hat has been forgotten by many casual and new gamers of the Zelda franchise, and his unique take on the sidekick role, filled with characters like Navi and Midna, has been lost in the mix. Ezlo, the wise Minish who was transformed into Link’s cap by Vaati, does not get his fair share among other memorable companions in Link’s adventures.

Shaped like Link’s triangular cap with a bird’s head on the pointed end, Ezlo is a wise and grumpy old man who guides and scolds Link throughout his size-changing adventure. His endearing aggression makes Ezlo a fun and unique companion for Link, and his cap shape is ridiculously cute, hiding his serious side.

5 Boats

Batreaux standing menacingly

Batreaux is a terrifying demon of Sword to the sky who deserves to be talked about for his creepy design at least. However, what makes him especially worthy of the most appreciation is the fact that his intimidating exterior hides a friendly personality and a desire to be human.

This innocent wish, as well as his adorable friendship with a young girl named Kukiel, who is one of the few humans who is not afraid of Batreaux, make it difficult not to fall in love with this demon and to sympathize with his plight. It doesn’t hurt that I give Link lots of rewards for helping him achieve his dream.

4 Salvatore

Salvatore sat bored at his counter

Appearing in The Wind Waker Y Ghost hourglass, Salvatore may be known to players for the fun pirate-themed minigames he runs, using cardboard cutouts to explain the rules. However, many players may not remember how much fun Salvatore is.

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Not only is Salvatore a source for Link and the player takes off a bit by pausing the big adventure for joyous fun, but he’s also a very relatable character who seems quite disinterested in his work until he dons his little cardboard. -Pirate cutout plays. It may not be a great presence in the Zelda franchise, but Salvatore’s personality alone should be enough to find his way into the hearts of players.

3 Prize

Saria sitting on a tree stump playing the ocarina

One of the most outstanding Kokiri of Ocarina of time, Saria is one of Link’s first friendly faces on his journey through Hyrule and then back through time. Although Link can call Saria at any time by playing her song on the ocarina and even though she later becomes the Sage of the Forest, Saria does not play an important role in Link’s adventure.

Link, however, will never forget his friendship with Saria, and neither will the fans. Saria has all the makings of a recurring character in the vein of the guide Impa or the merchant Beedle, who have appeared in multiple guises over the years. For now, however, fans can only revisit her at Ocarina of time, his time on the show too short.

two Damp

Dampe digging a grave in front of Link and Navi

Considering the fact that this amiable grave-keeper appears in six Zelda titles, gets comparatively little fanfare from the franchise and fans. Despite his imposing and somewhat terrifying appearance, Dampé is very friendly to Link and often needs help dealing with monsters and ghosts that keep him from his job.

Dampé is also known for living in a hut that is repeated throughout his many appearances, as a somewhat comforting place where Link can go to see a friendly face. However, despite all that Dampé offers, it is not always well remembered. Hopefully, with more appearances to come, you can have your breakout moment.

1 Linebeck

Linebeck in front of the camera introducing himself

The Wind Waker gave fans several iconic icons Zelda characters that are quite loved and remembered, including Beedle and Tetra. Nevertheless, Ghost hourglass, tracking Wind WakerUnique aesthetics and seaworthy gameplay introduced a new character that has been left behind: Linebeck.

Linebeck, a treasure-hunting ship captain who acts as Link’s sidekick for the Nintendo DS title, has earned a decent degree of popularity with fans. However, he is held back by the fact that he only appears in one game (although his grandson Linebeck III appears in Spirit Tracks, too), and many new fans are unfamiliar with this swarthy ship captain and his charms. Maybe a remaster of Ghost hourglass or a new entry with Link going to sea could be a chance for Linebeck to return.

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