As the DC Extended Universe expands more and more, more and more teams are formed. Not only are there teams of villains like Suicide Squad, but there are also a couple of teams of heroes at this point. At the end of Birds of prey, The Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya formed the group of heroes of the same name: the Birds of Prey.

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Also, the entire DCEU has been building up and bringing the Justice League together. As the Snyder Cut grows closer and closer, fans reflect on some of the heroes who do best when not part of a team. While they can sometimes work with others, these DC heroes often prefer to fly alone.

10 Harley Quinn wants more freedom

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds Of Prey

How Harley Quinn has appeared in various DCEU movies now, including Suicide squad Y Birds of prey (Y The fabulous emancipation of a Harley Quinn), fans are getting a better idea of ​​his character. She jumps from team to team, helping where she is told and / or where she thinks is most needed.

When the Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya form Birds of Prey, Harley is technically not a member. She would certainly help if they wanted to, but she and Cassandra Cain set out on their own to open a shop instead.

9 Aquaman has a very specific skill set

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Aquaman is one of the few DC heroes who has already received his own movie in the DCEU. He has appeared several times and is also a founding member of the Justice League. However, he has completely different powers from those around him. Her powers are not only innate, given to her by her Atlantean mother at birth, but she has also acquired many abilities.

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It is super strong, capable of supporting the weight of the ocean, it is the King of Atlantis and it can control and communicate with all marine life. Your particular skills and skill set lend themselves to niche scenarios. Also, he focuses a lot on his Atlantean world, which is very separate from the rest of the Justice League world.

8 Dr. Manhattan feels he is beyond humans

The Watchmen are another team in DC that has quite a few heroes coming together who may be better off working apart. Dr. Manhattan is one of those heroes. When Doctor Manhattan stopped being human and became the hero beyond humans, Doctor Manhattan also transcended humanity in divine figures.

Dr. Manhattan is willing to work with others to help, but it is not always a priority for him. He has his own specific moral compass and doesn’t always relate well to those around him.

7 Green Lantern needs to be introduced to his new friends

Ryan Reynolds with Green Lantern ring

After Green Lantern’s misrepresentation hit the big screen in the 21st century, fans, including actor Ryan Reynolds (who played Green Lantern in the film), hoped that the DCEU would reintroduce the character. When he returns to the franchise, hopefully he will end up being a part of the Justice League, just like he was in the comics.

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However, now that he is no longer a founding member, it would take some time to adjust to the scenario that is happening in the DCEU. It could get it right with the Justice League eventually, but it definitely works better on its own today.

6 Blue Beetle is just starting out

Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle

A fan-favorite DC Comics character who will soon have his own movie is Blue Beetle. This iteration will be Jaime Reyes, a young man who found the original Blue Beetle battle suit. He became a crime fighter, a teenage titan, and a superhero in his own right. The Blue Beetle also had his own solo series.

While he is often a member of the Teen Titans and is frequently paired with one of his best friends, Booster Gold, he rose to fame and thrived on his own. Eventually, he could become more of a team player, but this early Blue Beetle still has a long way to go as he works better alone before he gets to that point.

5 Wonder Woman has been a solo heroine for years

Gal Gadot Golden Armor Wonder Woman 1984

For a long time, Wonder Woman was basically forced to work alone. She had no other choice because she had no other metahumans like her to interact with. Especially once she left Themyscira, she really doesn’t find anyone as powerful as her for some time. Even Max Lord and Barbara Minerva have no inherent powers, but abilities obtained from an outside source.

Wonder Woman did not know Superman and Batman for many years, so she became quite adept at fighting as a solo heroine. It will take some time for him to adjust to working with a team, especially considering what an excellent individual hero he has become and how much more experience he has than anyone else.

4 Rorschach has an extreme worldview

Rorschach Watchmen movie header

Like Doctor Manhattan, Rorschach sees himself as someone other than teams and possibly better than the teams they join. The Watchmen get help from these figures, but that doesn’t mean that Rorschach is a phenomenal team player.

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Like the rest of the Watchmen, and many other heroes in DC, Rorschach is more of an antihero than a straightforward hero, which is part of the reason he works best alone. He is also quite extreme compared to other heroes, making it difficult for him to thrive as a member of the team.

3 Superman hasn’t made any friends yet

Superman is a pretty lonely figure, but he hasn’t had a bright reception in the DCEU yet. When the world first learned of him, they reacted with cautious enthusiasm, then wavering resentment at the destruction that Superman’s appearance seemed to bring. Additionally, other superheroes reacted to Superman in various ways.

In particular, of course, Batman attacked Superman in the DCEU and attempted to kill him before they came together as a team. As he is now, Superman works best as a solo hero; the Justice League isn’t quite sure how to handle it at the moment, nor does he know how to handle them. This will likely change over time as Clark adjusts to those around him, and they just to him in return.

two The Flash is still very new to the superhero scene

Ezra Miller as Flash in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Just because Flash is excited to be fighting other heroes doesn’t mean he always excels at it. He struggles to function as a team player, especially with the awe and hero worship he feels towards those with whom he is working.

Until your head is straight and you become a higher level hero, you better fly solo. However, like Superman, he’s on his way to becoming part of a team, and will hopefully thrive when that environment finally arrives.

1 Batman loves to fly solo

Perhaps the most iconic character who prefers to fly solo, Batman has a moral compass very different from any other. He doesn’t want to kill anyone outright like Batman, wanting to maintain a particular image. Even if you want to break the code you’ve created for yourself, try never to.

Where Bruce Wayne is in the DCEU, he has already lost a Robin to the Joker and has been isolating himself for some time. It’s hard and rough around the edges, and you’re still not quite sure how to work with the others. He works much better on his own, but will inevitably have to work with one more and more team as the franchise progresses.

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