Godzilla vs. Kong It may be introducing the public to a new wave of terrifying monsters, but the franchise is already running from three previous installments, all of which brought their own unique beasts to MonsterVerse. However, not all of those monsters were that dangerous.

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There have been a wide variety of creatures that both Kong and Godzilla have fought against. Now with Godzilla vs. Kong on the not-so-distant horizon is the perfect time to revisit the weaker beasts that have appeared in Godzilla-related movies Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Y Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

10 Be quiet

The measure of force is, of course, all relative to the other creatures in this MonsterVerse. The Muto is, therefore, at No. 10 thanks in part to the divisive victory Godzilla had over these creatures, who undoubtedly grew stronger over time.

Compared to many of the other monsters in this universe, the Muto is quite terrifying. He is agile, strong and capable of withstanding an extraordinary amount of punishment. However, based on some of the other monsters that both Kong and Godzilla have fought, this is still one of the weakest. Still, many would love to see Kong take on a Muto despite all of this.

9 Methuselah

Some movies have tried to scam Godzilla over the years, and the Methuselah feels a little more at home in one of those knockoffs. It has been designed as a fairly generic creature, although it is still relatively dangerous.

This is one of the secondary characters that is introduced in the Godzilla sequel and is only seen on screen briefly. It’s colossal in size and has massive teeth, but despite its intimidating nature, it doesn’t really leave much of an impact.

8 Scylla

Scylla is incredibly large in size, making it one of the most vicious creatures in the universe. However, his legs are very thin, which means that he probably wouldn’t do very well in a fight. However, a giant spider is a horrible thought.

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The creature has been seen to have strange tentacles running down the front of its face, although these do not appear to have any application. However, Scylla does possess some hairy beaks that can do some serious damage, so she is not as weak as some of the other monsters.

7 Mothra

Mothra larvae in Godzilla King of the Monsters

Mothra is one of the most iconic monsters in the Godzilla franchise, but they didn’t give him much to do in Godzilla: King of the monsters. In fact, she mostly played a secondary role to Godzilla, being killed in the final battle.

As a result, it is difficult to know how powerful it really is. She is one of the few monsters in the universe that has been defeated without much of a fight. She may have empowered Godzilla in the process, but it’s fair to say that Mothra has been portrayed as much more powerful in other movies in the Godzilla line.

6 Mud squid

Kong squid

One of the lessons the upcoming MonsterVerse movie can learn from its predecessor, Kong: Skull Island, it is the inclusion of genuine moments of unpredictability. To Kong, no one expected a Squid monster to attack from deep within the murky waters, let alone dispatch it in a few moments.

It was an exciting fight while it lasted, but Kong proved why he is one of the most powerful beasts on the island. The Mire Squid may be imposing, but it proved that even despite its many tentacles, it is one of the weakest monsters in this franchise.

5 Spore mantis

Spore mantis

The Spore Mantis also appeared in the Kong delivery of this Godzilla MonsterVerse and it didn’t actually do that much damage. He appeared on Skull Island looking for a fight with the movie’s human protagonists, but freaks out pretty quickly.

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Of course, you’ve seen the much scarier Skullcrawlers on your way, but Spore Mantis couldn’t really do anything important, couldn’t kill anything at all. It’s hard to tell where he falls in the pecking order, though his weight and deadly spikes should at least show he’s got some fighting back.

4 Mother Long Legs

Mother Long Legs

One of the reasons this franchise has become such a success is that it has had no qualms about continuing to expand its monster roster, even drawing inspiration from real-world animals in its cinematic designs.

The Mother Longlegs are of course based on Daddy Longlegs, although there is one key difference. These spiders are incredibly tall, with their camouflaged bamboo legs capable of impaling an opponent. They can be lethal to humans, but it’s hard to imagine them lasting long in a fight with some of the other beasts in the franchise thanks to their weaker builds.

3 Behemoth

Behemoth is a new titan in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Where to start with the Behemoth? It’s certainly large-scale, especially compared to some of the other monsters. It also has huge mammoth-like tusks that could likely cause genuine damage. However, it seems quite tame in contrast to other beasts in MonsterVerse.

Also, many of these other animals have some kind of protective coating, thanks to a shell or scales. They have defense mechanisms and are at least agile or incredibly smart. A Behemoth seems to boast none of these abilities, turning into a slow, heavy beast that is poorly protected throughout its body.

two It happens buffalo

It happens buffalo

At the very least, the Behemoth has its size to fall back on. Compared to that, the Sker Buffalo isn’t even impressive in size, especially when looking at many of its more dangerous peers. It’s amazing that he manages to survive on Skull Island.

Needless to say, a slightly enlarged Buffalo won’t fare as well if it goes head-to-head with Godzilla. Their horns are impressive, but they are less versatile on the side of the head than on the front like the Behemoth. He wouldn’t have much of a chance in a fight against some of the greatest threats in this universe.

1 Leafwing


In a pack, the Leafwings are a deadly adversary to both man and monster. However, when in small groups or alone, they are almost harmless, as they can be fought quite easily. A single ullet can kill one in an instant, making him weaker than almost every other monster in the franchise.

However, a Leafwing on their own is rare and as a pack they can devour a man to the bone in seconds. One by one, this is the only monster that a human could easily defeat. The Leafwing just doesn’t measure up to some of the upcoming beasts the trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong has caused.

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