WandaVision Episode 7 shows that Agatha caused Herb to fail, suggesting that her powers are growing rapidly within Wanda’s fantasy. This is why.

Episode 7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall” from WandaVision reveals that Agatha caused Herb to fail and cut the wall in episode 3, which may hint at her growing powers. For a long time fans speculated that she was the Salem witch Agatha Harkness, Agnes finally introduced her true self to Wanda and the audience at the end of the episode. Judging by how easily she casts a spell on Wanda afterward, Agatha’s powers have likely been amplified, but why?

In a montage on her own theme song, Agatha is seen manipulating certain events in the city, Herb and Pietro. In episode 3, Vision witnesses Herb breaking through the boundary wall between his properties and then having a strange exchange with Herb and Agatha, posing as Agnes, regarding “Geraldine”. In hindsight, this “failure” and the ensuing conversation seems designed by Agatha to generate suspicion in Vision, leading him to demand answers from Wanda in subsequent episodes, and eventually to break through the Westview barrier on behalf of his long-suffering residents. Meanwhile, Agatha seems to be trying harder to get closer to Wanda and the children.

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This proximity to Wanda is likely the reason why Agatha’s powers have developed between Herb’s manipulation and Wanda’s manipulation. Agatha touches Herb to control him, while she doesn’t need to make physical contact with Wanda to alter her mind. There has been a lot of speculation about her motivations and what Agatha’s plans are with Scarlet Witch and at Westview. The fact that Agatha no longer needs to touch someone to cast a spell is very telling. Since Wanda is an inexhaustible source of cosmic energy and magic, it is quite possible that Agatha is actively feeding off her abilities and using that energy for her own malevolent purposes. It would also explain why Agatha is so interested in separating Billy and Tommy from Wanda, since Billy, in the comics at least, is destined to become more powerful than his mother. Agatha’s parasitic tendencies are working in her favor, as Wanda is now vulnerable to her enchantments.

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Agatha’s manipulation of Herb also hints that her own humanity and free will have been stripped away. This aligns with the way Norm reacts when Vision wakes him up in episode 5. Norm is frantic as he begs Vision to stop her. Although he does not mention Wanda by name, it is likely that he is referring to Agatha. As her powers grow, Agatha doesn’t follow any moral codes regarding the people she’s using, even admitting to killing the Sparky family dog. Who knows how many more residents Agatha has taken over? She sends Pietro to Wanda’s front door. Perhaps Agatha froze all the residents on the outskirts of town to attract Vision’s attention.

Herb’s use shows that Agatha’s powers are constantly increasing as time passes. Wanda’s Hex expansion probably gave Agatha a huge boost in magic, so that may influence how Agatha engaged her so quickly. With two episodes remaining in WandaVision, Agatha’s purpose and the scope of her powers should be answered soon.

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