Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald would be on board for a Happy gilmore sequel, and someone in Hollywood needs to make this happen ASAP. In honor of the recent 25th anniversary of the classic comedy, Sandler channeled Happy showing off his golf skills with a video posted on Twitter. As Shooter McGavin, Happy’s enemy, McDonald posted a video of his own in response to Sandler, putting a ball in a cup while taunting Happy Gilmore.

There has been no indication that a Happy gilmore The sequel would one day happen, but fans have been begging Sandler to revisit the iconic character in a follow-up movie. One idea that has been thrown in is for Happy and Shooter to return to compete against each other once again as part of a senior golf tour. Speaking of the possibility in The Dan Patrick Show, Adam Sandler he scoffed that he would be willing to return, although the idea has not been seriously discussed.

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“It hasn’t been discussed, but it has certainly been discussed on the internet. Trust me, that senior tour idea, it would be so awesome … Yeah, you can give this the green light.”

Turning to McDonald, Patrick also asks if he would be interested in returning for Happy Gilmore 2 as Shooter McGavin, and the actor made it clear that he is 100% on board.

“I’m a stuntman. I’d love to do it. Everybody’s been crying out, like Adam Said, on the internet. I just have to say it would be a blast. A senior tour with the two of us? Oh my god.”

Christopher McDonald He also talks about how fans still recognize him as the Happy gilmore antagonist to this day, as people constantly yell, “Shooter!” to him wherever he goes. Both McDonald and Sandler have appeared in dozens of other roles since then, but each remains synonymous with their iconic characters from this movie. The Twitter videos posted by the actors on the 25th anniversary also generated a lot of buzz on social media, demonstrating how popular the film remains with fans a quarter of a century later.

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Happy gilmore It was directed by Dennis Dugan and written by Sandler and Tim Herlihy. It stars Sandler as an aspiring hockey player who reluctantly turns to golf when he discovers he has a hidden talent for the sport. Winning the pro golf course will also earn you the money you need to save your grandmother’s (Frances Bay) house. Golf star Shooter McGavin (McDonald) stands in his way, but he will have the support of his love interest Virginia (Julie Bowen) and his mentor Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers).

Sandler and Bowen reunited last year for the Netflix movie Hubie halloween, which also featured Ben Stiller reprising his abusive orderly role in Happy gilmore. This is the closest we’ve ever been to an officer. Happy gilmore sequel so far, although Sandler and Bowen played different characters. Because Sandler and McDonald would be keen to return for a sequel, now is the time to make it happen. This news comes from The Dan Patrick Show.

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