Ted Mosby from How i met your mother He is a man of many talents. Despite being somewhat intellectual, cerebrally, Ted is one of the most identifiable protagonists on television. Although the show continues its quest to find “the one,” Ted isn’t exactly delusional or out of touch with reality.

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In fact, many times Ted comes across as the most level-headed person on his team and often echoes what fans think. She is also the only person who can give her friends a reality check without hurting their feelings.

10 “Everyone has an opinion on how long it takes to recover from a breakup.”

HIMYM Ted Robin Christmas Lights

This is one of the most profound things Ted has said, which has not always been recognized by those around him. Obviously, tips like “get over it,” “cheer up,” or “get back out there” doesn’t work for everyone going through a breakup. Just as each relationship progresses at its own pace, everyone recovers from a split in their own time.

Some of Ted’s own relationships have left him emotionally stranded after they broke up, such as when he was caught off guard by Stella’s cheating or breaking up with Robin. You correctly recognized that not everyone navigates a breakup in the same way.

9 “People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is, that guy is a genius.”

HIMYM fans may have realized how sincere Ted’s words are after the quarantine. But Ted, of course, was not referring to a quarantine state of mind. In season 7, he is learning to live alone after Robin moves out. Explore the benefits of living without a roommate, like being able to walk around naked or pack a takeout without having to share it.

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Barney and Marshall think Ted is feeling sad, which is why he doesn’t leave his apartment. So when they ask him to hang out at MacLaren’s, he tells them that he loves to stay home every night and do absolutely nothing productive.

8 “You can’t hold on to the past because no matter how hard you hold on, it’s already gone.”

Ted said these words during one of the crucial phases of the show where things were about to change, so he also echoes the sentiments of the viewers. In episode 23 of the eighth season, Robin prepares to marry Barney, which means that Ted will finally have to come to terms with the fact that he and Robin will never work out.

These words actually serve as a reckoning for Ted because, in a way, he is the most emotional person in his squad and therefore he really needed to understand this truth for himself.

7 “Shouldn’t we resist the person who not only tolerates our little quirks, but actually kinda likes them?”

The fandom unanimously agreed with Ted’s thoughts on this one because, somehow, these words sum up the whole point of the show. Ted is not just looking for someone who appreciates him, he is looking for “the one”, the only woman who will really like his flaws and who will adapt perfectly to his emotional needs.

Of course, this is not a realistic quest at all, but nonetheless, most fans resonated with Ted’s innocent romantic fantasies.

6 “I finally found the one, Marshall. Her name is Bacon.”

The scene where Ted finds out what bacon tastes like is a fan favorite because most of the fans knew exactly how Ted was feeling and why he would react this way to bacon. At the hotel where Barney and Robin are supposed to be married, Ted and Marshall try to get bacon grease, which they think can help Barney with a hangover. Ted tells Marshall that he will never be able to eat bacon because he is allergic. Marshall explains that his mother lied to him about this to make him eat healthier, just like when he said that Ted was allergic to gummy bears and that he did not thank him.

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Not only does Ted absolutely fall in love with bacon the first time he tastes it, he announces to Marshall that bacon is his soul mate, as he never wishes to be apart from it.

5 “Kids, when you’re in a new relationship and competing with your ex for who’s happiest, it can get ugly.”

This is something that even the most Zen people would have to agree on: that breakups can be difficult, especially when you start seeing other people and also see your ex dating other people as well. Ted had always been quite sentimental and you could see why he felt that happiness could turn into competition after a breakup.

When Stella left him, for example, she found happiness when she reunited with her husband. While Ted was at his lowest point emotionally and had a hard time giving other relationships a chance. Ted’s fight was really relatable to fans of the show, as most people, at some point, have wanted to make sure they were happier than their exes.

4 “Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. When 2:00 a.m. comes around, just go home and go to sleep.”

Robin Barney Ted Marshall and Lily on How I Met Your Mother

Ted used to blurt out great truths without much thought and this is definitely one of those moments. Usually very few good decisions are made after 2 a.m., especially if someone has had a long and difficult day.

Interestingly, Ted is not a night owl and likes to retire early. In fact, she even enjoys getting older, as she felt like she could finally feel her age and do things that older people like, like going to bed early or yelling at children playing in the street. Unbeknownst to him, this is really sage advice, as most fans of the show probably have to learn this the hard way.

3 “Why doesn’t anyone come to my events?”

Anyone who has thrown a party to make friends only to end up with too much pizza will identify with Ted’s college dilemma. While studying at Wesleyan, Ted adopted an alter ego named Dr. X, who was designed as a secret activist and whose face is hidden in a mask, but of course Lily and Marshall knew it was him.

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Dr. X was known for his “events”, in which he protested against university policies, but most of the time he ended up in the “event” alone, as no one joined.

two “You broke the first rule of setting someone up. Sell less.”

The fans probably thought this well, as Robin was hyping up Ted with one of his friends, especially since it’s a rookie mistake. Ted points out to Robin that when trying to create a friend, one should never create the other person’s expectations, no matter how good their friend is. In this way, people’s expectations are not too high and their disappointments are less.

Ted cites the example of Karate kid and tells Robin that when he tries to get someone to see Karate kid, no one should reveal how amazing the movie is, lest the other person walk into the movie with too many expectations and then gape.

1 “It’s creepy dating your therapist.”

Of course, Ted can be quite rude with his opinions at times, but this was pretty spot on. Many fans pointed out how problematic it was that Robin chose to date her therapist, which was also unprofessional on the part of her therapist.

As Ted takes his entire class to his and Robin’s apartment, he actually conducts a survey where he asks his students to rate whether dating the therapist is creepy, and of course everyone said yes.

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