Evan Peters wore a comic-accurate outfit in WandaVision episode 6, and his hairstyle wasn’t a reference to Wolverine, but rather an Easter egg from the comics.

No, Quicksilver’s hair on WandaVision episode 6 is do not a Wolverine reference. Every episode of Marvel WandaVision It has been full of Easter eggs, but Episode 6 was the most impressive of all. He saw Wanda Maximoff decide to celebrate Halloween with her “family” and as a result, the various characters ended up wearing costumes that were entertaining tributes to the comics themselves.

Wanda actually became the Scarlet Witch, wearing an outfit based on the one the character wore when she first joined the Avengers in the comics. Vision was forced to don a comic book-like costume, right down to a gracefully placed diamond shape on his forehead. Tommy and Billy soon donned versions of their Young Avengers outfits. And even Evan Peters’ Quicksilver got in on the act, wearing his comic book uniform for the first time in any live-action adaptation. However, his hairstyle sparked immediate comparisons to another more famous X-Man, namely Wolverine, whose hair generally has a wild and untamed look with exaggerated points on the sides.

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It is true that this is an Easter egg, but not for Wolverine; rather, it’s a callback to the classic Quicksilver design in the comics, in which the hair has the same kind of exaggerated look. This was created by artists because they liked the effect when Quicksilver was running, with the current of his hair amplifying the sense of superhuman speed. The design was particularly popular in the 1970s and 1980s, but it still recurs in modern comics.

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It’s easy to see why comic book fans remembered Wolverine; He is certainly the most famous mutant to sport that particular hairstyle. Things have not been helped by what appears to be a confusing account of an interview with WandaVisionhairdressing and makeup equipment (via Indiewire). The interview ended with a discussion about whether the hair was a comic book reference, and Tricia Sawyer (makeup) and Karen Bartek (hair) said they were deliberately trying to evoke the Fox comics and movies, but didn’t. I mentioned Wolverine, specifically. But it’s easy to see the confusion considering that Wolverine has been the most famous character in the Fox film franchise, not to mention one of the most popular on-screen Marvel heroes of the 21st century.

So no, Quicksilver’s hair on WandaVision Episode 6 really shouldn’t be considered a Wolverine Easter Egg. While it’s over the top for comic effect, it matches well with Pietro’s hairstyle in the comics when he was actually wearing the same costume that the episode mimics. X-Men fans are understandably eager to see some mutant references in WandaVision, but this is not one of them.

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