Star Wars is currently trying to start another renaissance in pop culture, and games appear to be one of the next means to see a massive expansion. With the end of EA’s tenure with exclusive publishing rights to the intellectual property in video games, more studios will stab the galaxy far, far away. Ubisoft has already confirmed that one of its next games will be a story-driven open world. Star Wars game developed by Massive Entertainment.

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In the meantime, it is strongly suggested that Aspyr Media is working on a Knights of the Old Republic remake, which is perhaps the best gaming news for the franchise if things go as expected. However, fans are likely to want more variety with more editors / developers having the opportunity to Star Wars. Here’s why a Sith-centric game would be more than welcome.

10 Jedi have a lot of exposure

Art for Marc Sumerak's book Secrets of the Jedi

The Sith obviously show themselves notably in major Star Wars projects, particularly major movies. Given that they are the villains and the dark side counterpart of the Jedi on the light side, that is natural, but a story that has the former as the main focus and character would be a refreshing change of pace.

With Lucasfilm getting more creative with the franchise to be able to expand so much on television with a variety of character premises, a video game could work wonders from this new point of view. The resurgence of LucasArts through the Lucasfilm Games brand could be a great start to usher in a new era of inventiveness for Star Wars on this platform, offering more exciting and unconventional content.

9 A Sith game in the style of ‘Fallen Order’

Art for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Whether EA would make this hypothetical game or not is not the most important point, but Jedi: Fallen Order It certainly laid the foundation for how a game like this could work. It doesn’t have to be narratively related per se, but gameplay wise, a Sith-centric game. Star Wars The game would be exciting and could have its own separate story from Cal Kestis.

Lightsaber combat was handled well, so if a developer could improve and add new mechanics to this formula, it would have already been off to a great start. In addition, expanding Fallen orderThe elements of Metroidvania would surely make the story and character progression even more interesting. A game like this would be a great excuse to return Metroidvanias to the triple A playing space.

8 The acolyte can lay the foundation

Title Card for Disney + Star Wars Series The Acolyte

The High Republic was revealed a year ago as the next new era in Star Wars canon to be explored, though primarily in books. But in December 2020, Lucasfilm announced on Disney Investor Day that one of the 10 (!) Disney + TV Series that will debut in the next few years is The acolyte that is, surprisingly, set during the last days of the High Republic.

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Apparently its plot revolves around the resurgence of the Dark Side as the Republic and the galactic rebirth of the Jedi come to an end. Depending on what that story does, it could be a great way to expand the dark side lore through Sith-centric gameplay. The groundwork may be there for it, and it could detail the rise of the Sith in the shadows of the unsuspecting Jedi.

7 Darth Bane and the rule of two

Darth Bane on the cover of Path of Destruction, by Drew Karpyshyn

A concept that remains canon, and only barely a Sith Lord – thanks to the Skywalker Saga is the rule of two. The progenitor of this was Darth Bane, who sought to return them to glory by eradicating the current Sith, using the Rule of Two as a basis. The Sith Lords were infamously power-hungry and hyper-competitive, so they would mostly end up betraying each other for power, weakening their rule.

Bane standardized that there were only two Sith at a time: Master and Apprentice; one to have the power, one to yearn for it. The “regicide” is inevitable, but balancing the two was much more organized, in a twisted sense. Bane’s novel trilogy isn’t canon, but a game about Darth Bane building a new Order by slaying the Sith “establishment” sounds narratively exciting.

6 Sequel to ‘Darth Bane’ with Darth Zannah

Darth Bane and Darth Zannah on the cover of Drew Karpyshyn's Dynasty of Evil

If such a game were to be released and successful, a sequel could take a natural next step through inspiration from the books. After destroying the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness and starting his own Sith Order with the Rule of Two at stake, Bane becomes a Master and faces an Apprentice on Darth Zannah.

While the infighting was mostly mitigated, the apprentices eventually attempt to overthrow the Master, so a sequel could detail the rise of playable Zannah and eventual victory over Bane to become the new Dark Lord. The acolyte may be a path to this, but the report Dirty The remake could tie into a “Darth Bane / Rule of Two” game series as Bane begins through Revan’s teachings on a Holocron.

5 Maul game spirit revival canceled

Concept art for a canceled Maul game

A fan favorite character, particularly after Dave Filoni developed him, is Maul. He was an exciting, if superficial, villain in The Phantom Menace, but Filoni The Clone Wars Y Rebels wonderfully gave it a resounding bow. Among several victims of the project before / after the Disney takeover was a Maul game, cruel enough.

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You may be more content with the massive expansion of the Lucasfilm franchise afterIX, but it would also make a great focal point in an action adventure game. The story could be his years as a Sith under Darth Sidious before Episode I. Even with the comics, it would be easier not to step on any of the Clone wars/Rebels events.

4 Darth Vader after III, before IV

Dark Heart of the Sith cover, written by Greg Pak, pencil drawn by Raffaele Ienco and cover by InHyuk Lee, and a Vader Down panel by Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen

It is surprising that this has not happened yet, although EA no longer has the Star Wars IP publishing rights are held hostage, maybe it’s something that could be explored. The only possible problem would be that Darth Vader has quite a catalog of supplementary materials, for example comics, but given the decades between Episode III Y IV, it could be bypassed without accidental retcons.

A game could delve into Vader during the Dark Times / Great Jedi Purge as he imposed galactic imperial rule and hunted Jedi exiles after Order 66. Even adapting some stories from the comics would surely be welcome, as there are great and Star Wars it is known mainly on screen, although not necessarily in games; the same for Maul.

3 KotOR remake

Cover art for the Knights of the Old Republic collection

Assuming the informed Knight of the Old Republic The remake ends the way fans would likely hope, this could end up being a game that offers this perspective. The originals had a morality system that allowed the player to choose which side of the Force to align with.

A modern day Dirty RPGs with the technical advancements provided by the PS5, Xbox Series X, and high-end PCs would excite fans of Xbox classics, and using dialogue / story options would make a great “Sith” game. However, given the genre of role-playing games to be used, the options offered to the player in shaping their character need a notable impact on branching out the narratives in the corresponding dark side directions.

two Darth malgus

Darth Malgus in BioWare's The Old Republic MMORPG Trailer for PC

Fans got a taste of just how powerfully cinematic a game like this could work when BioWare released the trailer for “Deceived” for The old Republic MMORPG. He took a CGI look at the Sack of Coruscant, featuring Darth Malgus himself. It created hype, and Malgus even received a novel that matched this part of the Old Republic timeline.

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After this potential Dirty The remake, a game that advances further in that era, could explore other notable post-Revan characters. And from a Sith point of view, Malgus is a great candidate for a story to become canon again.

1 Dark jedi

The Sith army in the tricked cinematic trailer of BioWare's MMORPG The Old Republic

Another option for Sith-centric games is to dive into their origins. They originated as Jedi, but were exiled from the Order and enslaved an alien species that was originally known as “Sith”. That’s where the term Dark Jedi originated, as they had yet to establish a Sith Order.

Naturally, a game like this would be a prequel to an upcoming Dirty remake, with the player among the exiled Jedi. These possibilities would be a great way to explore the Old Republic in a different environment, similar to the High Republic.

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