A reinvention known today as Paranormal Activity 7 and a Stephen King prequel Pet Sematario are confirmed and will be heading directly to Paramount’s new streaming service, Paramount +. the Paranormal activity rebooting was a project that fans already knew about, but the Pet Sematario the prequel is a complete surprise. The first was originally scheduled to be released in theaters on March 4, 2022, although it is unknown if the streaming launch will keep this same date, while the second’s release schedule is unknown at this time, but it will likely also reach screens the same year

The new installment of the Paranormal activity The activity franchise has already hired Underwater’s William Eubank to direct the project, which will be written by Christopher Landon, who has previously written four films in the hit found-footage horror series. While the details of the direction of this reinvention are currently unknown, it has been described as an approach that will “revitalize” the franchise thanks to some “unexpected changes.”

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Launched in 2007, the first Paranormal activity follows a young couple, Katie and Micah, who have recently moved into a new home in San Diego, California. They are gradually terrified by a demon that Katie believes has been following her her entire life. Micah decides to install cameras in his house, and thus he got hold of the found footage genre. The next five sequels are based on the central couple, Katie in particular, and the series has made huge profits despite a mixed critical response.

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As for the surprise Pet Sematario prequel, Jeff Buhler will write the script with Lorenzo di Bonaventura serving as producer. The Stephen King story has been adapted several times, most recently in 2019 by directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer. The last Pet Sematario is the second adaptation of Stephen King’s 1983 novel of the same name, and once again follows a family who discover a mysterious cemetery in the woods behind their new home. After losing his cat, Church, in an accident, decides to bury the beloved pet in the nearby cemetery, unleashing a darkness that soon haunts the Creed in terrifying ways.

Buhler, who wrote the script for the 2019 adaptation, has provided insight into how he plans to continue the franchise. “We had discussions about possible follow-up movies, and for the most part, everyone feels like we’ve told the Creed story,” shared Buhler. “It’s difficult, there are ways to continue this story, this particular story, but it almost feels, the trajectory of this movie feels like we fly the plane a little bit up the mountain. It just explodes.

He added that he hopes to continue the story by exploring the broader mythology, saying: “So a lot of the ideas that we’ve been currently shuffling, recently, have been about, more about digging into the mythology of the city, these rituals that the children present, the Mythology of the Micmac, the Wendigo, the cemetery, the origins, the life of Jud. So it seems that I do not want to promise anything, because we do not know, we are not even depressed. the way in an idea yet. “

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Paramount + is clearly interested in investing heavily in the horror genre, with The one in the middle filmmaker Arie Posin also tops the platform alongside Paranormal activity Y Pet Sematario. The one in the middle will tell the story of a teenage girl who, after surviving a car accident that took the life of her boyfriend, believes she is trying to reconnect with her from beyond. This comes to us courtesy of Term.

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