In Avengers: Endgame, the Hulk’s inner transformation is used for context only, while the rest of the heroes go through a conclusive character arc.

The interior journey of each Avenger went through a successful development in Avengers Endgame, but the Hulk was left with an overt and mostly disappointing transformation. Most of Bruce Banner’s live appearances focused on his conflict with his gamma-irradiated alter ego. That changed slightly in the Avengers, where Banner demonstrated a greater degree of control over the Hulk as he fought alongside the mightiest heroes on Earth. The Green Avenger conflict once again evolved into Thor: Ragnarok, where the Hulk took over and became an intergalactic gladiator. Avengers: Infinity War He then turned it around and introduced Bruce Banner without the Hulk, but even though the Hulk’s absence suggested a dramatic transformation into Avengers Endgame, his actual appearance as Smart Hulk, a relief comedy character, disappointed many fans.

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Rather, each of the original Avengers drew proper conclusions. The most obvious were Tony Stark’s final transformation into a selfless hero when he wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and Captain America’s retirement with Peggy Carter, but Thor also learned to forge his own destiny, Black Widow made up for the “red on your ledger, “and Hawkeye ditched his Ronin persona. Unfortunately, the Hulk’s evolution happened off-screen during the 5-year time jump, and his character arc had nowhere to go after that.

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The biggest problem with Bruce Banner’s transformation into Smart Hulk was precisely how abrupt it was. The dilemma that made him suffer for several years was instantly resolved, and Avengers Endgame he did not seem to consider it important enough to represent it on screen. However, the introduction of Smart Hulk was not always going to be so sudden. The deleted scene that was included in the re-release of the film revealed that Smart Hulk was going to be the last remaining hero of the MCU after the Snap in. Infinity war, showing how the Hulk and Bruce Banner had finally become a respected hero rather than the volatile monster as they were known.

Bruce Banner and Hulk throughout the MCU

The deleted scene would have given Smart Hulk a bit more complexity in the final film, but the main problem still remains. Smart Hulk does not have an actual character arc for the entirety of Avengers Endgame. But while Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Thanos enjoyed a final sendoff (linearly speaking at least), the Hulk still has plenty of potential storylines left, including his supporting role in the movie. She hulk Disney + and maybe as a mentor (or even a villain) in Avengers 5. A more conclusive story would have limited the Hulk’s future appearances at a time when the MCU needs an original Avenger to pass the torch on to a new generation.

In the end, the raw power of the Hulk and the intellect of Bruce Banner found a long-awaited agreement, although they left no room for new surprises in the future. Avengers Endgame. The closest thing to a character arc that Smart Hulk achieved in the movie was realizing that the gamma radiation in his body, a curse he suffered for so long, ended up being ideal for wielding the Infinity Stones and saving the universe. Fortunately, viable Hulk stories, such as his fight against the Red Hulk, a long-awaited rematch with the Abomination, or the death of the Smart Hulk to redeem the Savage Hulk are very exciting possibilities.

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