Valheim currently does not allow players to pause the game in its early access stage, which can be frustrating when you need to get away from the game.

There are many missing functions in Valheim in your early access period. Currently, there is no manual save feature to ensure player progress is preserved, which is likely to cause anxiety for many fans after a complex build or difficult boss. Valheim it also does not allow players to pause the game; if the menu is open or the inventory screen is activated, ValheimGame work continues to work. This can come as a nasty surprise for players dying for the first time when they open the menu for a cup of coffee.

Valheim is a hardcore survival sandbox game with a focus on small group multiplayer gameplay. From the moment the player becomes their world seed, the harsh reality of the desert they now call home assails them from all sides. Players will need to collect resources, build tools, perfect armor, and find a decent location to build a Valheim Viking base. While many of these bases start out as shacks, potentially repurposed from existing structures, they can quickly become sprawling properties managed by one or more players. Because every step in Valheim requires dedicated work, many gamers will probably appreciate the security of a pause button to protect their progress if they need to walk away.

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Valheim does not allow players to pause the game due to the continuous servers running each world. Any world can be opened to multiplayer at any time, so each Valheim save runs as its own server. This may sound familiar to those who have played Minecraft local servers online or created to play with friends. However, for those who play Valheim alone, not being able to pause can be frustrating, and many fans in Reddit are asking for a pause feature to be added in an upcoming patch.

Valheim early access could add pause features to a player

Valheim comes to the console

Because there is currently no way to pause the server, players must exit the game if they need to step away from their world for a few minutes. While this is a cumbersome way to handle small interruptions during play, it will ensure that the player does not lose their hard-won Valheim armor and weapons thanks to accidental death. Players working with others on a server can ask a friend to protect their character while they are away, but otherwise leaving the game is the only sure way to avoid a tragic loss of progress.

Though From Valheim The roadmap doesn’t mention it, hopefully a pause feature will be one of the priorities of developer Iron Gate AB. The frustration of opening and closing the entire game when a distraction arises can create an unpleasant and clunky experience, which may cause some players to wait to try. Valheim when it is more complete.

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