With Hal and Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, fans have been painstaking to find connections between the two shows. What Malcolm in the middle it’s an absurd comedy and Breaking bad is an extremely depressing crime drama, the contrast between them is hilarious and fans have definitely taken advantage of this strange juxtaposition.

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Between Hal doing things that could be considered bad at the Heisenberg level, comedic phrases taken out of context, and absurd theories from fans, there is a whole ocean of Malcolm/Breaking bad crossover memes, and these are the best of them.

10 I feel alive

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

One of the many similarities between Walter and Hal is that they are both quite selfish. Though to varying degrees, Hal often kept secrets from his family when he wanted to go on a self-fulfilling adventure, just as Walt did with his Methamphetamine Empire.

The meme perfectly matches Walt’s explanations for his evil actions at the end of Breaking bad with the strange, sometimes questionable secret antics of Malcolm in the middleHal. He was good at it, he was alive!

9 Costume design

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

Obviously, there is such a thing as a coincidence, but how many coincidences must there be before fans realize that the two shows could be very well connected? One of the many coincidences between the two wildly different shows was the costume design, and this meme captures two of the best examples.

Walt and Hal wearing green shirts may be a bit of a stretch as it’s a very standard dad outfit, but the similarities between Stewie and Gustavo Fring are striking. From the wasp glasses to the two forever being dressed in yellow, the resemblance is uncanny.

8 Post-season depression

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

In the early 2010s, the one-year wait between seasons of Breaking bad They were painful, to say the least, especially when the last episode of each season ended in such dire situations. The worst was when there was a full year hiatus in the middle of season five.

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This meme has taken a lyric from the themed melody created by They Might Be Giants from Malcolm in the middle, “My boss.” At the end of the opening credits, the line reads, “life is unfair,” and that perfectly sums up how fans of Breaking bad Sense at that time.

7 Time to cook

Malcolm in the Middle / Breaking Bad Meme

In Breaking badWalter regularly visited Jesse and demanded that they head to the lab to make more blue meth, especially in the early seasons. Walt even would often literally exclaim “Jesse, it’s time to cook.” What makes this meme even better was that in the days of using the motorhome as a roadside meth lab, Walter would strip off his clothes and strip down to his tight pants, just like the screenshot from Malcolm.

6 Chemistry

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

At Malcolm in the middle episode “Cheerleader”, Hal sits with the children for the birds and bees to talk. Since Hal is a clumsy father who is not good at these serious conversations, he uses two toys, a robot and a woman in a bikini, to show them how sex works.

He begins the conversation by saying, “It’s called chemistry,” and it’s no different than something Heisenberg would tell Jesse about one of his many meth cooks. From teaching Jesse how copper works to playing with magnets, Walter and his protégé spent a lot of time talking about chemistry, and it didn’t take long for fans to put the two together.

5 Iconic threats

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

One of the reasons Breaking bad it’s so beloved it’s because of how quotable it is and how iconic some of the witty lines have become. One of the most famous of all is when Saul Goodman wants to cut ties with Walter, and Walter responds by saying “we’re done when I say we’re done.” This has been funnily applied to Dewie dressed in protective gear, who wears pretty much everything but a hazmat suit. It looks like he’s ready to cook meth, or at least Hal makes him do it.

4 A prequel to Malcolm in the middle

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

Using Ted’s famous meme from Bill and ted where he stumbles upon wild theories that actually start to make sense when people think about them, there is no more perfect theory for that than the idea that Breaking bad is a sequel to Malcolm.

It is a theory that will continue until the end of time, as the similarities are not limited to similar actors in similar roles and having the same style of dress, but there are literally hundreds of connections. When the show initially premiered its dramatic finale, fans speculated that Walter White may have survived. However, subsequent interviews and the release of a follow-up Netflix movie hI have confirmed that the character did indeed die.

3 Old joe

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

The various nefarious crime syndicates featured throughout the series helped Breaking bad to represent the deepest criminal underworlds on television. Whether it’s the cartel or the neo-Nazis, one of the most fascinating parts of the world is Old Joe and his junkyard. Larry Hankin is a character actor who often plays the same types of roles, which are generally old, dirty, and mysterious.

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The actor also appeared in Malcolm in the middle as a homeless man, and the characters look almost identical, which is another example that might hint that the shows are linked.

two The appointment of the dark knight

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

Almost flipping the prequel idea, this meme theorizes that Breaking bad followed by Malcolm. It uses the famous line of The dark knight, which is from when Batman becomes related to Gotham’s hero Harvey Dent, who becomes Two-Face. The split image sees Hal all soft and brimming with life, and on the other side is Walter, who is literally much grayer, more wrinkled, and almost lifeless in his gaze.

1 The business of empire

Breaking Bad / Malcolm in the Middle Meme

Being another brilliant and iconic quote from the series, in the Breaking bad episode “Buyout”, when Jesse meets Walter and begs him to sell his share of the meth business, Heisenberg responds by saying that he is in the “empire” business. It was one of those scenes that showed that Walt had really become Heisenberg.

That quote has surprisingly been combined with a shot of Malcolm in which Hal explains to the children what he does. The actual way the scene plays out is quite exhausting, as Hal talks about the stress and depression of working a job with no future, but the idea of ​​him explaining the daily routine of working in a meth lab to the kids. it’s hilarious.

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