MJ may not be a big-name superhero like Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of great things on her own.

Mary Jane Watson is one of the main characters of the Spiderman universe and often Peter Parker’s main love interest and best friend. Because it has been around for so long and is so vital to Peter Parker’s life, a lot has happened to MJ throughout her history that has made her grow and grow as a character.

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Due to everything that has happened to him, MJ has many abilities and skills that he has developed through his career or through his closeness to superheroes. Skills often help her get what she wants and help her help Peter, or herself, save the day from evil.

10 She knows how to throw a party

This may seem unimportant, but MJ definitely knows how to throw a party. In fact, after the events of One more day, MJ moved to Los Angeles and opened his own nightclub that was open every night for party people. In this story arc, her nightclub was used by villains and she managed to take them down and save her guests without many of them knowing what was going on. Also, due to the success of her nightclub and her ability to run a business, she was hired by Tony Stark, who liked her style and wanted MJ as her own assistant.

9 She can be heroic without superpowers

Spider-Man and Mary Jane in One More Day

One of the main things for MJ, which Spider-Man cannot do due to his nature, is to be heroic without the use of superpowers. MJ has never had powers, save for some alternate realities and spinoff series. She is completely normal, but still manages to put the needs of others before herself when it comes to stopping the bad guys. He will fight them in his own way, like running over the Green Goblin with a huge truck, and saving people whenever he can.

8 She can throw a mindless spider web

It took Spider-Man a while to figure out the whole web-throwing business, and he really relied on his own Spidey-Sense to help spot incoming dangers as he moved midway. Although MJ does not have the abilities that Peter received, he can still do many of the same things as him, but without the powers.

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MJ has learned to use Peter’s web slingers and is able to jump into action at any moment to save him or anyone else. She used them in the Spider island bow and back on Romance web when Peter gave him a pair.

7 She has acted in movies

Actress Mary Jane Watson

Above all, MJ is a model and an actress and she is definitely ready for show business. MJ’s career-focused mind has definitely put a damper on his relationship with Peter more than a few times (which feels a bit like a double standard considering he’s Spider-Man), but that hasn’t stopped him from chasing. their dreams and act as the breadwinner while they were still married. MJ has acted in various movies, plays, and television shows throughout its history in comics.

6 She is a successful model

In the comics, MJ’s main occupation is modeling. This is important because it shows that MJ is more than just a superhero’s love interest. She is a hardworking woman who truly cares about her career and chose modeling and acting, her dream job, after studying psychology in college. He worked hard for the status he received and continues to work on it while Peter is saving the city. She helps him where it is needed, but she is also an independent character who can stand on her own.

5 She can beat the chameleon with a baseball bat

Mary Jane Watson vs. Chameleon

That being said, MJ can definitely hold his own well too. In a really important story arc, Chameleon impersonates Peter Parker after learning of his secret identity. He goes to the apartment of Mary Jane and Peter, who are married at the time, and tries to seduce MJ. But MJ is smarter than he lets on, and manages to trick Chameleon into admitting his own identity. Once he does, she takes a baseball bat and beats him up. She successfully defended herself and knocked the villain unconscious until Peter came home and took the bat out of her hands, saying she was safe at last.

4 She is incredibly supportive emotionally

Above all, MJ is very supportive, both physically and emotionally. Even before she and Peter are actually an item, she supports him through the whirlwind of emotions he undergoes after losing Gwen. She accepts that part of her heart will always belong to her fallen love interest, and takes it as if they had that shared loss in common, as Gwen was also friends with MJ.

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The moment when Peter tries to kick MJ out of his apartment and throws harsh words was a defining moment of their friendship and relationship in which MJ decided to ignore the cruel words. He knew it was just an emotional reaction and he stayed, refusing to leave Peter alone in his time of pain.

3 She became Red Sonja

For a brief period of time, the spirit of the Red Sonja inhabited Mary Jane’s body, turning her into an incredible barbarian warrior. As Red Sonja, she worked with Spider-Man to fight other enemies, but she also fought alone in the body of Mary Jane. The two redheads shared a similar combative fighting spirit that made MJ a perfect host for the warrior spirit. Red Sonja returns MJ’s body to her after the fight and reunites Peter and MJ for the first (and last) time in a while before she makes a much more permanent comeback.

two She is a great wife

MJ is an amazing wife to Peter. Through all his ups and downs, he often recognizes how difficult it is to balance Peter Parker’s life with Spider-Man’s. She loves him for him and constantly supports him even when the two are not together. Even when she is not his wife, she supports him and makes sure to make his day when he needs it. In recent comics, the two are long-distance dating, and after a particularly bad day, MJ forces Peter to have a dance party with her over the phone wherever they are. It brings a smile to both faces as they continue to fall in love with each other again.

1 Mary Jane is the heroine of Spider-Man

Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man Hero

It’s rare for a superhero to have a hero they look up to, and for Peter Parker, that hero is Mary Jane. As mentioned, she has always supported him through his good and bad days and makes sure to be there for him when he really needs it. She saves him emotionally and physically quite often, as is the case in Spider island When they all develop Spidey’s powers, she pounces on him and catches him before he falls as a spider web is thrown. On the panel, he even calls her his heroine. And it’s not just Peter, but Miles Morales has turned to MJ for help and advice on several occasions.

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