Batman / Catwoman # 3 sets out the difficult choice Bruce Wayne will soon have to make regarding the two most important lovers in his life.

Warning: Spoilers for Batman / Catwoman # 3!

Throughout his life bat Man He has had two important lovers, and the first confrontation between these fatal women will now force the Dark Knight to choose between them. Tom King and Clay Mann’s Batman / Catwoman It has already introduced many new and exciting elements to the story, the least of which is the shocking death of an elderly Joker and the introduction of the future Batwoman, but possibly the most dramatic element of all is the return of Andrea Beaumont, aka. like the ghost.

The Phantasm was first introduced in the 1993 animated film Batman: Ghost Mask, which was praised by critics and fans alike. Surprisingly, however, Batman / Catwoman is the first series to finally feature that movie’s fan-favorite character and plot in the main DC comic book universe. Given that Bruce Wayne was once engaged to Andrea, long before their insane streak of revenge from murderous vigilantes officially separated them, it’s safe to say that a drama has begun to emerge between Batman’s current lover, Catwoman, and a Ghost who came back unexpectedly. This latent tension reaches an explosive peak when the Ghost arrives at Bruce Wayne’s house to kill Selina Kyle asleep in issue three of the maxi-series.

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After years of hiding, Andrea first reappeared in Gotham City after her son’s death. All signs point to the Joker as the one responsible for this senseless murder, so Andrea begins to exact her revenge as a Ghost, murdering a number of the Joker’s associates while closing in on the Clown Prince of Crime. The Phantom’s experience as an incredibly stealthy assassin is on full display when she arrives on Selina. Luckily for Selina, her cat’s hiss upon seeing Andrea’s menacing outfit wakes her up just in time, leading to a fierce battle between the two bat lovers that ends in stalemate after her fall from a third-floor window knocks them both unconscious.

Bruce arrives and discovers that the two most important loves of his life have passed out and he will have to make a decision. Selina won’t exactly forgive Bruce’s ex-lover trying to murder her, making this a problem that even the best detective in the world will have trouble solving. Even more intriguing is the question of why Andrea wanted to murder Selina in the first place. Did he come to Wayne Manor with the intention of hurting Bruce by killing his current lover in retaliation for protecting the Joker during his murder spree? Or does this connect with the story of the past that is also currently unfolding, in which Catwoman is working with the Joker behind Batman’s back? If so, Andrea is likely to bring Bruce up to speed on the story of the lies that the Cat has been feeding him. In which case, Bruce will have a hard time volunteering his protection to Selina.

Catwoman and Phantasm’s involvement in the same story has been a compelling delight thus far, and the drama is only just escalating. It’s puzzling to consider how many years passed before Andrea entered the comic book lore to further expand her rich characterization. Their propensity for vigilante justice resembles Batman’s never-ending quest in many ways, but they tragically differ when it comes to killing his enemies. Selina, on the other hand, shares Bruce’s fundamental need to escape to a second life in disguise; only the moral compass that guides it differs greatly from that of bats. Although partnering with these two women contradicts the very principles on which it has been built, bat Man – like all of us – ultimately you can’t control who you fall in love with.

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