The cast of season 9 of Big Brother Canada has finally been announced. Get to know this very diverse group of guests who are ready to play.

the Big Brother Canada 9 The cast has been officially announced by Global TV and features 14 guests of many races, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. As promised, the BBCAN9 The cast is as diverse as fans wanted it to be. Big Brother Canada It has a lot to do in 2021 considering that last year the show had to be interrupted in the middle of Season 8 due to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. It was a very unfortunate situation for so many players who had been waiting years to get on the show, and the fans didn’t like it either.

When host Arisa Cox announced that she would also be an executive producer on Big Brother Canada, also stated that the show would focus on putting together a cast that was at least 50% BIPOC in subsequent seasons. This news was met with much praise from BBCAN fans, so much so that the American edition of the series followed suit right after Big Brother 22: All-Stars finished his career. While there was a possibility that BBCAN9 would be delayed due to COVID-19 once again, the series will finally premiere on March 3, 2021.

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The diverse cast of Older brother Season 9 will feature 14 contestants. In 2021, BBCAN9 will feature Austin Dookwah (23-year-old real estate agent and model), Beth Bieda (27-year-old homeless support worker), Breydon White (23-year-old college student), Ethan Quance (22-year-old cook), Jedson Tavernier (25-year-old personal trainer), Josh Farnworth (30-year-old film production coordinator), Julie Vu (28-year-old social media influencer), Kiefer Collison (32-year-old radio host), Latoya Anderson (police officer 34), Rohan Kapoor (26-year-old partnership manager), Tera Gillen-Patrozzi (37-year-old spinning instructor), Tina Thistle (42-year-old graphic designer), Tychon Carter-Newman (29-year-old urban planner) and Victoria Woghiren (27-year-old youth advocate).

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Notably, Latoya promises to deliver the full Derrick Levasseur experience by lying about his job as a police officer. Jedson and Rohan are also interested in creating a five-person alliance to be successful in the program. There’s also Breydon and Victoria planning to be so friendly that no one feels compelled to send them home from scratch. All things considered, it looks like it will be a very entertaining season of strategy and gameplay in BBCAN9.

Big Brother Canada 9 premieres next week on Global TV. Fans have been waiting for a great BBCAN since season 8 had to be interrupted and canceled. Hopefully this season will deliver what the fandom has been waiting for.

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