From Netflix BoJack Horseman is a tragicomedy starring all kinds of anthropomorphic people and animals, set in the exciting and superficial Hollywoo. Thanks to its many running gags, it is a highly entertaining watch, but its value lies in outstanding writing. There is no topic that BoJack Horseman shunned from: mental health, politics, social justice, the list goes on. All of its main characters had a soulful arc, starting with the first line they spoke to the last.

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BoJack HorsemanThe five main characters were featured in the pilot episode. As the seasons came and went, the show also featured other important people in BoJack’s life, such as family members, co-workers, and romantic interests. The final episode ended with BoJack having a little dialogue with the main characters. Their last lines poignantly reflect how far they had come.

10 Kazzaz herb

– “Hey, let me buy you a drink.” – “Oh, BoJack, no, there is no other side.”

BoJack’s former best friend spoke his first line in a flashback. After a botched performance, Herb offered to buy BoJack a drink, but the struggling comedian turned him down and told him to go die of cancer, foreshadowing his fate.

Herb’s last line was one of the most poignant of “The View From Halfway Down.” He told his frightened friend BoJack that nothing comes after death.

9 Beatrice horseman

– “Here’s your omelette.” – This was going to happen to you one of these days. “

Beatrice first appears in a flashback to BoJack’s birthday in which she serves Butterscotch an omelette. It was clear from the start that these two were having one of the worst romances on the show. After the initial crush, these two began to resent shortly after BoJack’s birth.

Beatrice delivered her last line in “The View From Halfway Down”, telling BoJack that sooner or later she would have died. Beatrice was rarely right about things, but she was spot on with her last line. BoJack was on the bottom for far too long, and it’s a miracle that he really got out alive.

8 Hollyhock

– “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.” – “Thanks.”

Hollyhock joined the main characters in season 4 and instantly became one of the most likable characters on the show. In his first scene, he approaches Todd, looking for BoJack.

He left the show in the middle of last season. Unfortunately, finding her birth family didn’t bring her much joy. He asked BoJack to give him space. Little did he know that she actually decided to cut ties with him. However, thanking BoJack for giving him space wasn’t the last time his voice was heard. In “The Horny Unicorn,” his answering machine says, “Leave a message, if you have a hundred.”

7 Judah Mannowdog

– “I put everything related to the invoice in a folder.” – “I love you, Princess Carolyn.”

Judah, the best assistant anyone could ask for, started working for PC at the beginning of season 3. He was everything she could ask for, which is something his opening line illustrates beautifully. Man was the embodiment of organization and competence.

His last line was a bit surprising, as he is not the type to express emotions in everyday life. Instead, she sang a song to PC, professing her love for him. And then they lived happily ever after.

6 Sarah lynn

– “Monday”. – “Do not stop dancing …”

BoJack Horseman opens with Sarah Lynn and BoJack doing a live concert Horsin ‘Around Show. His line is the first in the entire series. The show tackled several controversial topics through her character: the trappings of fame, the pressure child actors feel, and substance abuse.

He died in “That’s Too Much Man”, an episode with one of the saddest endings. She left the show after that, but returned on “The View From Halfway Down” for her swan song. “Don’t stop dancing,” she sang, echoing the words BoJack said to her when she was just a child.

5 Todd Chavez

– “Why so sad, roommate?” – “It was nice while it lasted, right?”

Todd Chavez started out as BoJack’s roommate. His parents kicked him out and he had nowhere to go, but at the end of the series, he was living alone with his girlfriend.

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The last episode of the show is named after Todd’s last line. It perfectly summed up the fans’ feelings about the show’s ending. It really was nice while it lasted.

4 Mr. Peanutbutter

– “Mr. Peanutbutter and BoJack Horseman in the same room. What’s this, a crossover episode?” – “I’m here for you friend, whatever happens. Unless I see my good friend Erica and distract me with some remarkable aspect of her character or presentation, but, BoJack, what are the chances that …”

Peanutbutter, the dog behind some of the show’s most iconic lines and common gags, was equally excited in both its first and last scenes.

BoJack didn’t think much of his canine friend, but Mr. Peanutbutter was always by his side. Unless he saw Erica, of course.

3 Princess carolyn

BoJack Horseman takes down Princess Carolyn

– “BoJack, we need to talk.” – “I can recommend some excellent people.”

Princess Carolyn joined the show telling BoJack that they needed to talk and proceeded to break up with him. It was hard to watch, especially since BoJack didn’t even realize they were dating in the first place.

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Throughout the show, PC strove for him over and over again, allowing for his irresponsible behavior. His last line reflects how much he had grown as a character. Rather than offering to help BoJack, she told him that she could refer some great people to help him get back to normal.

two Diane nguyen

– “Hey, BoJack, right?” – “But it’s a nice night, huh?”

Diane was delighted to meet BoJack in the first episode. They had quite a few things in common. They were both introverts, highly intelligent, equally cynical and empty inside. After many ups and downs, Diane decided to eliminate BoJack from her life.

The ceiling scene is the last they shared, both on screen and off. From what Diane had said, it was clear that they would probably never see each other again. She eased the mood by saying, “But it’s a good night, huh?”

1 BoJack Horseman

– “Well, good morning to you too.” – “This is pretty.”

As mentioned above, BoJack’s first line came right after Sarah Lynn’s. He acted like the horse of Horsin ‘Around. It was immediately clear that he is nothing like the healthy horse in real life.

BoJack’s last line was the last on the show. “This is cute,” he told Diane as they gazed at the stars. He saw the beauty in something as simple as sharing a moment with a friend, which set an upbeat tone when the credits last started rolling.

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