While Jovi Dufren is known for his huge smile in Boyfriend 90 Days, fans always ask why Yara Zaya rarely shows her smile. Now, Yara is explaining.

Recently, Yara Zaya was compared to the Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy by 90 day fiancé fans, after impressing them by taking on Jovi Dufren’s mother. However, fans continue to have mixed opinions about Yara and comment on her alleged plastic surgery and fashion choices. Some people who follow the Ukrainian beauty on her Instagram have also noticed that she hardly ever smiles. While some may have blamed this on her potential lip fillers, Yara has now explained her straight face.

It was clear that Yara failed to make a good first impression on TLC viewers when they started comparing her to “gold seeker” alum and current fitness model Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava. Yara’s previous job description included the words “in makeup.Jovi stoked the fire by suspecting that Yara got pregnant to get a green card. To top it off, a clip with 19-year-old Yara expressing her interest in wealthy foreign men caused many to doubt her intentions.

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However, Yara also started to look cold in terms of the way she behaved towards Jovi on the show, which fans thought was completely rude. Yara, who always does her best to defend herself against criticism with her own signature style, took to Instagram. He then explained the reason why he rarely smiled. The reason is cultural.

Young mother Yara, who surprises fans with her possible post-baby body through her posts on IG, is rumored to be known to be a fashion inspiration to many. In fact, 90 day fiancé Star Yara Zaya also recently hosted a giveaway for her signature jacket, which is often seen wearing while with Jovi on the reality show. In her most recent post (as seen above), Yara flaunted her slim physique in a white button-down shirt, paired with beige pants and a YSL sling. She mentioned how her second photo “show your smile. “

Jovi’s partner later confessed that they can’t say why, but they don’t “like the photosWhere she smiles. She blames herUkrainian mentality.“Apparently, it is Ukrainian to despise”stupid people [that are] always smiling. ” That explains a lot of things.

Yara’s followers seemed to reconsider their thoughts, as one added: “I totally agree with the smile.“A second commenter stated:”be yourself. Don’t force a smile. “However, some of Yara’s fans think that her”the smile is beautiful“And that she should”smile often. “However, there was a sarcastic comment, which was:”I’M GETTING TO THE ‘stupid people smile’, Jovi is always smiling.“Another follower observed,”So Jovi and his silly smile = is he stupid? Hahaha. I love you both. “

One of the main comments asks Yara that “sell some Gucci and fix that guy’s teeth.“Yara responded quickly,”what happens to the teeth? “Now that Yara explained why she doesn’t smile, Jovi should post about why she smiles so much on 90 day fiancé. The moral of the story is that Yara and Jovi show that opposites attract.

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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