Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach was announced on Sony’s State of Play show in February 2021, and it’s strange to see this IP as an AAA game.

At its best, Five nights at Freddy’s he was so popular that it was almost impossible to avoid bumping into him on the internet. After its release in 2014, the content creators helped launch the game into the mainstream and generate a large following that is still going strong to this day. However, these titles were created by an independent developer, which meant that they lacked the polish of most AAA games on the market. Sony boasted Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Security Breach in its State of Play showcase from February 2021 and it’s strange at best to see this franchise look as fluid as it does.

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The original Five nights at Freddy’s It was a survival horror title in which players had to spend five nights as a security guard at a children’s pizzeria. Players use security cameras to observe each of the possessed animatronics and resist them accordingly while managing their remaining energy. Each character has a different pattern, so players must also control who they are paying attention to in order to survive. It’s a tense experience that is as enjoyable to watch as it is to play. Since his reveal, he has become popular enough that leaks claim that Freddy could even appear in Fortnite.

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Series creator Scott Cawthon continued this formula for many of the game’s sequels, which featured different environments and animatronics to revolutionize the game. The visuals and overall quality of the games improved with each consecutive release, but never reached the fidelity of most AAA titles. Many Five nights at Freddy’s Fans are still waiting for the film adaptation of FNAF to finally release, but Security violation It’s your best bet to see the series come to life with all the top-notch visuals one could dream of.

Why A AAA FNAF Game Is So Moving To Watch

FNAF Security Breach is weird but great to see as an AAA title

Five nights at Freddy’s Ultimately, it was a standalone game that emerged thanks to its explosive popularity on YouTube and Twitch. Many fans of the series got to know the games by watching their favorite content creators play through the series and witnessing their horrified reactions firsthand. But with Security violation, players seem to have the ability to move around the pizzeria and avoid animatronics in a similar way to Alien: Isolation, which means that the game will have a broader appeal. It is similar to how the Xenoblade The series went from being a small but passionate community to a Nintendo franchise large enough for the studio to feature multiple Super Smash Bros. representatives.

The game was shown before before the Sony State of Play presentation, but this older trailer barely showed anything about how the game was actually played. As Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach will take advantage of the powerful hardware it is running on, it will be interesting to see how long this title lasts. Five nights at Freddy’s historically games have been kept pretty short so maybe Security violation will have a greater amount of content to offer its players than its prequels. Regardless of its length, it’s amazing to see Scott Cawthon’s Five nights at Freddy’s It goes from a small standalone title to a game big enough for Sony to showcase on their State of Play show.

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