While fans really enjoyed the stories involving Pac-North, there were one or two things that didn’t make any sense about the hospital in general.

During the sixteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy, Gray Sloan Memorial became one of two major medical centers operating in the program. The story around the Pacific Northwest was introduced when the characters Alex Karev, and later Richard Webber, were hired to work on this new set. While it seemed reasonable to most viewers that a new work environment would be created for these two doctors to continue their careers (after Bailey fired them), there are aspects about the addition of Pac-North that don’t make sense. .

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Given that it ranked low in the country, the premise of this hospital’s existence in the program was that its new investors hoped to renew its image. So, they gave that responsibility to Alex, as Chief of Surgery. However, the show never gave the characters a chance to grow or develop in these roles, as it was soon dropped after Catherine bought it. The question on everyone’s lips: what was the point?

9 An excuse for Alex’s departure

Alex Karev belonged to the original cast of the series and was certainly a fan favorite character. When he came to work for Pac-North, it seemed like he was hinting that this was the show’s way of preparing audiences for this character’s departure. In fact, as fans know, that was the case.

After the hospital closed, Alex decided to go visit his mother. However, to everyone’s surprise, it turned out that he had actually gone to see Izzie and start a new life with her and her twins. Since Alex had been an integral part of the show for so long, they felt he deserved a better story than one that undermined his growth and development.

8 Maggie and Owen jumped in too suddenly

One weird thing about this Pac-North story is how quickly Owen switched from hospital to hospital, joining Alex and Richard in a new administration.

When the audience began to believe that this new hospital was turning into something, it seemed that more and more doctors were going to keep leaving Gray Sloan. Shortly after Owen, it was Maggie’s turn to accept the invitation to be Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery. However, nothing really came out of this story and they soon met again at Gray-Sloan Memorial.

7 His medical staff was labeled “terrible and unprofessional”

Grey's Anatomy Owen and Alex in Pac North

Not all hospitals have the best doctors in the country or have a recognized track record in medical innovation and clinical trials. Still, it’s hard to believe Pac-North was that bad in every way.

The list was endless: there were unprofessional staff, poor working conditions, and patient dissatisfaction. Of course, this hospital needed a lot of improvement, but it is still strange that there was not a single soul that was a diamond in the rough or some genius trying to survive in this mire of mediocre professionals.

6 An excuse to bring together doctors who shouldn’t have been fired

In the end, many were left with the feeling that Pac-North lacked substance in its content potential and seemed more like an easy excuse to put fired characters or dissatisfied doctors in the same place.

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Not happy at Gray Sloan? The bigger plan of season 16 could have been a major and glorifying twist for series one, where even the interns could have been transferred to Pac-North as well (less competition, more opportunities, and Richard would continue as a great mentor).

5 Disparities in access to healthcare should have been addressed

Meredith Gray in court for her medical license with her attorney

Pac-North entered a very peculiar moment in Meredith Grey’s life. As fans know, season 16 focused on this character’s impending loss of her medical license after she was fired from Gray Sloan for committing insurance fraud. The decision to save a life cost him a job (and most of his career). More than ever, writers began to create stories that focused on the sad financial realities of healthcare in America.

So it’s strange to think that such a big story surrounding the much-needed refurbished hospital was completely on the sidelines of this quest for affordable healthcare. It would have been nice to develop a whole new core of stories that were in line with Meredith’s actions at the time.

4 This place had enormous potential

Grey's Anatomy Pac North out of the hospital

The series could have explored this new story to add interesting variety to the characters’ lives and add some new and revealing ones. Instead, this hospital was portrayed as a mere host of incompetent staff, a place with no money and investment to improve its infrastructures and provide decent patient care, and all that viewers saw was a complete disaster from start to finish.

When there was actually an effort to improve Pac-North, as time passed and Karev’s influence was having some impact, it shut down and shut down. The audience barely had time to see his improvements.

3 People expected a long-term crossover between hospitals

Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy postoperative

It was clear from the start that Pacific Northwest General Hospital would hardly ever come close to the reputation of its competitor. It wasn’t as prestigious as Gray Sloan had always been, but it could have opened the door to a lot of other stories.

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Even the mere challenge that a mature Alex and wise Richard had on their hands to try to make this hospital so much bigger than it was seemed exciting to watch and people were eager to see where it would go. Also, it was clear that they were determined to prove to Bailey that she made a mistake by firing them. Therefore, it deserved a crossover between the two hospitals for a longer period of time.

two It could have had its own spin-off

Richard Webber on Grey's Anatomy

After seeing how well Addison and Amelia developed in Private practice, It wouldn’t have been surprising that Pac-North could have been commissioned for its own spin-off. New faces and new stories could have added so much richness to the continuation of Grey’s Anatomy legacy.

Instead, the writers decided that Pac-North’s lifespan would be no more than a season and some fans they were disappointed.

1 Catherine’s impulse kills the hospital out of the show

Catherine Fox on Grey's Anatomy

After an argument with Richard and heading towards a divorce, the impulsive Catherine decided to humiliate her husband by making a call that would start the process of buying this hospital. His clear intention was simply to undermine Richard and force him to return to Gray Sloan once more. As soon as he bought the hospital, he just closed it, which was a huge shame. There were several characters there that could easily have been a central part of the show.

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