Gwenpool went toe-to-toe with a notable Marvel villain, proving not only how deadly he is, but also how skilled he has become with his powers.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for MODOK: Head Games # 3 by Jordan Blum, Patton Oswalt, Scott Hepburn, Carlos Lopez and Travis Lanham of VC, on sale now

Since her introduction to the Marvel Universe, Gwenpool has proven to be a surprisingly formidable figure, fending off major villains and even briefly joining the West Coast Avengers. But her latest adventure shows how quickly she has been growing up and adapting to the Marvel Universe, and how dangerous she could really get.

Gwenpool’s latest win over MODOK demonstrates just how deadly the fan-favorite character really can be, with the added benefit of confirming just how much she’s become a reality-distorter.

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Gwenpool is quietly one of the most dangerous figures in the Marvel Universe. When he came from what he perceived to be the real world where Marvel Comics exists, he came with an encyclopedic knowledge of the heroes, villains, and rules that govern the fictional universe. Coupled with precise training from people like Batroc, she has become a very skilled mercenary. But when Gwen discovered how to use her unique perspective on the comic book universe to effectively become a reality distorter, she entered a whole new class of dangers. Although she is now a mutant, it does not mean that she has given up her mercenary ways, especially when she is paid to take down MODOK.

Having faced MODOK in the past, Gwenpool eagerly takes the job, following MODOK as he searched for more information about the family that he can’t help but remember. Gwenpool was able to sneak up on the AIM-created villain and unleash a barrage of attacks and missiles on him. However, an attack proves to be the most effective. After throwing one of his swords at MODOK, the villain dodges it and the sword embeds itself in a nearby wall. But the sword’s hilt opens, revealing that Gwenpool had installed a laser cannon inside the sword itself. The suddenness of the laser blast is able to catch MODOK by surprise and pass through with ease, splitting the villain and killing him.

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Realizing that MODOK was actually looking for his family, a guilty Gwenpool decides that she deserved the chance to become a better person, and that means reversing what she has done. Using her incredibly metapowers, Gwenpool is able to “convince” the reader to ignore the page where MODOK was killed, allowing him to appear again, alive and well, and very confused. Gwen reveals that she even used time to find a way to help MODOK on his quest, pointing him in the right direction towards his family. This gives Gwenpool a very rare honor: MODOK decides to prevent further attempts on her life.

Considering how dangerous MODOK can be, it’s a reassuring update for Gwen. But her latest fight with MODOK also shows just how deadly and powerful Gwenpool can be when fully unleashed. She’s fast enough to keep up with Marvel’s mainstays, and her ability to think outside the box gives her a lethal advantage. It’s what made a possible future version of her so deadly, as she was able to use all of that AND her reality-altering powers to start an entirely new civil war between the heroes. It is fortunate that she has decided to be a hero, and she even seems capable of reviving people that she would have otherwise killed. In theory, as a citizen of Krakoan, she could become a backup ally for the Five, or at least apply her skills with a group like X-Force (which notably counts her ex-boyfriend, Quinten Quire, on its roster).

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