The MCU’s The Incredible Hulk villain Emil Blonsky died spectacularly in the comics, but that doesn’t mean the Abomination is gone forever.

the HelmetThe original MCU villain Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination, apparently survived his encounter with Bruce Banner in The incredible Hulk movie, but the same can’t be said for Blonsky’s comic book counterpart. While the Abomination has been a core villain for the jade giant, all reigns must end and Emil’s ended spectacularly. It was during a crossover event that Abomination appeared in its last comic panel and not even the Hulk delivered the fatal blow.

Chaos War: Incredible Hulks # 620 by Greg Pak and artist Paul Pelletier sees the Incredible Hulk in battle with the King of Chaos. One of the heroes who fights alongside him is a woman named Marlo Chandler, whose power is to be a conduit for Death itself. Near the end of the issue, a resurrected Brian Banner, Bruce’s abusive father, teamed up with the Abomination to kidnap Marlo for his own nefarious purposes. Rather than give in to the villains, Chandler permanently strips Brian and kills the Abomination with one touch, ending the villain’s tenure as a recurring Hulk character once and for all.

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The abomination was technically dead before returning in Chaos war but since he returned as a fully conscious Emil Blonsky, he did not die forever until he met Marlo. The Abomination has returned to the pages of Marvel Comics several times since its disappearance, including in the Immortal hulk history. In Immortal Hulk # 17, the Abomination is reintroduced into current Hulk lore, but the character is no longer Emil Blonsky. The Abomination has become more like a gamma-radiation meat suit, offering power to anyone who wears it, including the strength and near-indestructibility of the original Abomination.

Abomination in The Incredible Hulk

Unfortunately, the first person to use it was Rick Jones, a longtime Hulk ally. Jones was previously believed to be dead, but given his exposure to gamma radiation, death was no longer a possibility. Instead, the Hulk encounters him as the new Abomination before defeating his old friend, letting the suit fall on another once Jones broke free of his unnatural hold.

the Immortal hulk told readers via the Abomination reintroduction that they hadn’t seen the last of the gamma-ray-maimed villain. While fans are now assured that Abomination can live as an adversary to the Hulk, the original is seemingly gone forever. Emil Blonsky was killed by none other than Death himself, so his comic’s disappearance may be rare in the sense that it is likely permanent. The Abomination may be around to fight the Hulk in future stories, but Emil Blonsky will surely remain dead since he was killed by the living incarnation of Death, which is the way he HelmetThe original MCU villain died in the comics.

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